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Marcus Paulos

(Summer of 1976)

Unable to remember how he’d gotten there, nor what had happened, Marcus Paulos hovered above his own bullet-riddled body. A man had just rushed from the room and a hint of…something lingered in the air. Sulfur? He’d seen the guy jump onto a…

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Red Sky at Morning

An excerpt from my novel, Inherit the Earth. Photo courtesy Unsplash

A steady breeze from the stern aided the crew of Currahee to stay her course with minimum effort. At dawn, Richard exited the cabin, stretched, and gazed at the horizon. …

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Excerpt from the novel Inherit the Earth by David Poynter

Endgame (The ultimate horror)

Phera, the original mutant bedbug, had lain more than twenty-seven thousand eggs in her lifetime. Her multi-greats grandchildren numbered well into the hundreds of trillions and occupied every inhabitable landmass in the world.

Having never been…

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Mutant bedbugs have infested homes and apartments worldwide. Lester Johnston checks his wife out of a mental hospital and hits the road as a nomadic lifestyle is the only way to stay ahead of the poisonous insects.

Cars and trucks lined the freeway frontage road for a couple of hundred…

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Not your typically hateful Chihuahua, Baby loved everyone. The plumber, a total stranger to the pup, got tickly licks on his butt-crack, making everyone who saw it happen laugh out loud. Even Simon, an employee of We R Roto-Rooters, though embarrassed, chuckled, pulled up his trousers…

A serial killer finally captures Ms. Right

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Rebecca Lynn Black, of the Troutdale Blacks, had not been the traditional debutante. She’d worn green and red wooly socks with the formal white gown at her coming-out party. Only two years later, at the age of twenty…

More footage of The Last of Us Part 2 has leaked again, and this time, it’s not the main game. Rather, the footage is from Naughty Dog’s standalone multiplayer expansion for the game entitled Factions. …

Scary Horror Stuff

The Medium, uuh, “Medium” hub for all viral content from SCARY HORROR STUFF!

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