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Scary Horror Stuff
The Medium, uuh, “Medium” hub for all viral content from SCARY HORROR STUFF!

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Marcus Paulos

Unable to remember how he’d gotten there, nor what had happened, Marcus Paulos hovered above his own bullet-riddled body. A man had just rushed from the room and a hint of…something lingered in the air. Sulfur? He’d seen the guy jump onto a forest-green colored Cushman scooter and putter away as memories of the event began to come back to him. He’d been sitting in the living room with the television muted and heard what must have been the scooter. Thinking it had been a louder vehicle, but further from the cabin, he…

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Red Sky at Morning

A steady breeze from the stern aided the crew of Currahee to stay her course with minimum effort. At dawn, Richard exited the cabin, stretched, and gazed at the horizon. The eastern sky appeared the same dark-red hue it had at sunset.

“Red sky at morning, sailor take warning,” said the captain.

“That sounds ominous,” said Les, stepping up behind him. “What does it mean?”

“Old-time sailors used to forecast the weather by observing the sky,” Richard answered. “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight, predicts…

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Excerpt from the novel Inherit the Earth by David Poynter

Endgame (The ultimate horror)

Having never been able to see more than shadows and fuzzy shapes, she’d remained in an enormous cave containing giants for many days and nights. When it became vacant, she’d moved on by hitching a ride with a creature, not half the size of the giants. After living with that host for a…

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Mutant bedbugs have infested homes and apartments worldwide. Lester Johnston checks his wife out of a mental hospital and hits the road as a nomadic lifestyle is the only way to stay ahead of the poisonous insects.

Cars and trucks lined the freeway frontage road for a couple of hundred feet, waiting for fuel at a Qwik*E service station. An additive, invented before the infestation, extended diesel’s shelf life to twice as long as it had been. Only two years ago, the lines had stretched for miles, but gasoline-burning vehicles had still been on the road then.

On Interstate 10…

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The conversation often went like…


Reason Number #1 - The 1st Episode of Raised by Wolves is free to watch on YouTube.

Artwork by the Author.

Personally I don’t have an HBO subscription, but the likelihood that I will sign up for a free 7-day trial with HBO Max and then cancel it before they charge my credit card is high now.

Read reason #2 and #3 to find out why you should watch this series, too.

2. Ragnar Lothbrok is in it.


The guy who played Ragnar in Vikings is in this 10 episode series!! I loved that series so much I watched it twice even though I was told by Amazon Prime I would have to pay for season 6. …

A serial killer finally captures Ms. Right

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Rebecca Lynn Black, of the Troutdale Blacks, had not been the traditional debutante. She’d worn green and red wooly socks with the formal white gown at her coming-out party. Only two years later, at the age of twenty, she inherited nearly eighty million dollars when her equally adventurous father died in a helicopter crash in Ethiopia while helping Doctors Without Borders. That had been in 1975. Ten years later, Reba lived in an upscale but unpretentious neighborhood near the Historic Columbia River Highway.

She’d returned from Mexico the…


A list of four flicks that span the decades, but will satisfy your thirst for blood and gore this Halloween.

Frightening artwork by the Author.

In the age of binge watching and “Netflix and Chill” there is more to watch than ever before so you might as well refer to this blog post to get a clue on what’s worth perusing in the horror genre. There’s still time to be prepared to be scared this Halloween with our sampling below for sure!

Return of the Living Dead III (1993)

This movie combines the two most important plot points to any Zombie film; 1) Government/Military 2) Teenagers. Actress Mindy Clarke plays Julie who is dating a teen with a motorcycle, who’s dad just happens to work down at the local military complex where…

More footage of The Last of Us Part 2 has leaked again, and this time, it’s not the main game. Rather, the footage is from Naughty Dog’s standalone multiplayer expansion for the game entitled Factions. The initial footage has already been slapped with a DMCA claim, but more footage has been leaked.

While The Last of Us Part 2 director and Naughty Dog vice president Neil Druckmann had stated back in September 2019 that the title wouldn’t include a multiplayer component as originally planned, Druckmann did say that Naughty Dog planned to release a new multiplayer offering after its work…

Scary Horror Stuff

The Medium, uuh, “Medium” hub for all viral content from SCARY HORROR STUFF!

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