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What is the future of the newcomer VOD in the international arena

Today, the Internet is one of the structural foundations of our society. I’m talking about the fact that about 96% of all information flows pass through the World Wide Web, where various data and knowledge are formed into a single stream, disseminated and developed on the network. Furthermore, the world financial system works via the same way, the internet.

The rapid growth of the chain economy is due to several privileges that the purchase of the current cryptocurrency gives. In the past five months, some digital assets have…

VODPROM enters the blockchain market

The growing interest around the chain economy and cryptocurrencies that can bring profit to almost any user prompted me to study this market from the outside. Today, quite often inexperienced crypto investors, not fully studying the economics of the project, lose money or become disappointed. Furthermore, many available tokens do not even give the right to vote.

Most recently, VODPROM Transnational Corporation announced the launch of its own token named VOD. This company is developing within the framework of the UNICAP investment fund. …


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