Volp A.I Protocol

Description of the next phase of development

According to the introduction in the previous post, we explained a little about Volpcoin and the Volp protocol, which are different things.


The Volpcoin beta v1.0 was part of the first phase of the application of the Volp protocol, where we studied the behavior of the protocol. We use a hybrid VM kernel that we build from scratch to run in symbiosis with the protocol together with a compiler specifically for this application, where the tests were performed through a parallel network.

Volp A.I Platform

In the first phase pilot test segment, we decided to reevaluate the concept and our goals for the development and application of the Volp Protocol. Our goal was to develop a platform that aggregates multiple services managed by an autonomous protocol through techniques of artificial intelligence algorithms.

How does it work?

The scalability and immutability of information that is transacted within any platform that incorporates the protocol, will be ensured through an autonomous management system, along with a security analysis and a constant supervision by the system itself that will sniff and notify in real time all occurrences and anomalies.

Current situation / Background

Our next step was the launch of Volpcoin Token, which was created to monetize the value behind the technology and distribute that value to the entire support community .

Whose main objective will be the migration and integration of Volpcoin, along with other services in the Volp AI platform. This process will contribute to a greater understanding of the capabilities of the platform.

Our official website is in progress and due to a constant development, we will be updating it according to the importance of the evolutionary process. We will be launching a demonstration of the platform on August 10th, 2018, with the goal of certifying our commitment and responsibility in our proposal.

To reinforce the few words, we reveal about the effects of the Volp protocol, we have prepared a small pre-demonstration in a controlled environment for the next July 15th.

User participation will be limited to community members who have believed and trusted Volp from the beginning. Some rules for this participation will be available soon, along with the application form.

The future …

Very soon, Volp A. I will become a company, to protect the development and Intellectual Property of the Volp Protocol.

As for the platform will be entirely open source, helping to contribute to better efficiency and security of decentralized technology protocols.

It’s gratifying to know that it is possible to create disruptive technologies with great clarity and dynamism, and at the same time with great ease of understanding, for people who don’t have scientific knowledge in the field of cryptology, built-in data scaling languages that constitute the dynamic ecosystem.

In this way, the protocol will create conditions for possible partnerships or integration into other large or small projects with global reference partnerships.

Please, let us know of any doubts or suggestions, we would be happy to hear from you.

You can also read our posts on bitcointalk or bitcoingarden for more Information




Advanced non-corruptible data and distribution management system with autonomous intelligent network and deep learning algorithm.

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Volp A.I

Volp A.I

Advanced non-corruptible data and distribution management system with autonomous intelligent network and deep learning algorithm.

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