A Cornucopia of Ideas That Will Maximize Your Kitchen Space

If you like watching fancy cooking shows, then you’ve probably noticed how much space and how organized these idealic kitchens are advertised. People like Rachael Ray and Emeril show up on our television screens in a glorious kitchen. Where all the right spices and ingredients appear magically before them, and always seemingly copious amounts of counter space are at their disposal. Well unfortunately, reality usually doesn’t work out the way it does for most of these kitchen super stars. Many of us are plagued with the obstacle of a small portion of counter space, or we are overburdened with the amount of kitchen items that we own. To combat this constant struggle, I’ve come up with a cornucopia of ideas to maximize and utilize your cozy kitchens potential.

First, placing shelves in strategic positions is a sure fire way to increase your kitchens storage and efficiency. Above the window is always a great spot to try a new shelf. This can be used to store dishes, pans, and even some of your favorite decorative items. An additional idea that saves space and is a pleasant treat for the eyes is a wet bar. A wet bar consists of a glass shelf that sits above a portion of your counter. Set your glass wear on top of your potential wet bar to create a dynamite duo that will match each other, making your kitchen a gorgeous scene to gaze upon. Narrow shelving units are another tremendous way to create more counter space. These narrow shelving units are great for their easy and affordable access. To top it all off, this idea takes no installation whatsoever. Just place it on top of your counter or any place that this shelving unit will fit. Then be prepared to see more efficiency in your cooking area.

Second, installing and properly organizing your cabinets is an ingenious way to achieve the goal of attaining more kitchen space. Just like the shelving idea, installing cabinets above your kitchen window may be the space saving idea you’ve been looking for. Also, if you’re having trouble reaching those cabinets, a sliding ladder is a perfect solution for those pesky, hard to reach, and high up cabinets. Organizing your cabinet space allows more room for you to perform in your kitchen. One way to be more organized in your cabinet space is to contain everything. Getting some usual packaging supplies or any container, with the proper labeling, is the ultimate way to bring your cabinet area to full potential.

Finally, there are a numerous amount of miscellaneous proposals that will help bring your dream kitchen space to fruition. Try using a pull out pantry. These fascinating pantries utilize any available space in your kitchen. Hanging cups and pans from hooks is a subtle way of showing off your cooking gear, while maximizing your counter space. Wicker baskets are another tool at your disposal that are great for storage.

As you can see, the possibilities for more kitchen space are boundless. All that you need is a little bit of creativity and the will to turn your cooking area into your cooking haven.