I had the pleasure of riding the Northern Explorer from Auckland to Wellington this summer. Having been spoiled by European trains such as the Glacier Express, I was sceptical about the experience that could be provided by KiwiRail, a state-owned company known better for its freight trains.

If you’re here for the photos and not the trains, scroll down to “The journey”

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The Northern Explorer standing at Auckland Strand

The train

As usual, Seat61 is a fantastic resource and provides a much better job than I ever could. Visit the Northern Explorer page to see the best way to buy tickets for this service. It’s important to know that…

Welcome to our engineering blog! This blog is for the technically-minded players and playfully-minded developers, giving you insight into our engineering team and the process behind the features and additions on Dotabuff. In this post I’ll introduce our team and give a brief overview of how everything works at Dotabuff. We’ll try and keep this post up-to-date with any changes. If this type of post interests you, don’t forget to follow the blog.

Our Team

Our engineering team currently consists of three people. It’s smaller than most people guess, and that definitely has pros and cons. This is the team that works…

Wayne Tsai

Full-Stack Engineer

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