Webercoin ICO: All the Details

Here is a synopsis on our project

Our much anticipated ICO is on!

ICO price: $0.5

28th July — 4th August 35% discount

5th August — 12th August 25% discount

13th August — 20th August 15% discount

The team at Webercoin aims to make the process of running adverts easier, safer and more transparent, rewarding both businesses and individuals for engaging with each other, while reducing ad costs significantly.

We will ensure a more secure platform for users, using blockchain’s decentralized technology.

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Why Our Solution, Why Now?

The Blockchain is no doubt changing the way we do business.

One of the ways is through advertising.

In an article written in March, on entrepreneur, Parth Misra shared how the blockchain will change how we do business.

1. The lack of security and return on ad dollars are increasingly impacting advertising online.

‘Juniper Research anticipates advertisers will lose an estimated $19 billion to fraudulent activities next year — the equivalent of $51 million per day. This figure, which represents advertising on online and mobile devices, is projected to reach $44 billion by 2022. The technology underlying bitcoin and other cryptocurrency can help dramatically reduce “click fraud,” ensuring that marketing and advertising executives reach their target markets.’

2. Less money wasted on advertising as ads are better monitored.

“By using the system to monitor and govern budget spend, advertisers can track investment from the initial transfer of the media budget to the final publication of creative with the media owner, reducing the risk of overcharging and underperformance.”

- Amir Jan Malik, Digital Marketing Expert at Accenture Interactive.

Our Solution: The Webercoin token run on the WeberHub social platform

The team behind Webercoin regards the existing social media model as inequitable and believe that all users of social media should benefit from the information they provide. The free use of social networks and equitable reward distribution should not be mutually exclusive.

We aim at making the advertisement market easier, safer and more transparent, rewarding

both businesses and individuals for engaging with each other. We’ll do this while also reducing

ad costs significantly, and ensuring a more secure platform for users to engage on the

blockchain’s decentralized technology.

Our Audience

Our main target audience is businesses, specifically small to medium businesses, many of

whom are seeking customers but are unable to successfully do so given the cost, and

terrain of advertising on the current social platforms.

Our Token

Our token, Webercoin (WBC) will run on the social marketplace called WeberHub, built

on the Ethereum blockchain.

The WeberHub Platform: A social marketplace

We aim to use the WeberHub platform to greatly reduce the barrier to entry for non-crypto users. By giving members easy access to a social experience online that they’re already familiar with, to earn rewards for activities that benefit them, the barriers that prevent entry into the cryptographic token ecosystem are lowered.

While current social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn have bootstrapped the growth of their networks, new technologies such as blockchain provide a better opportunity to kick-start these kinds of networks. And we aim to leverage on that.

WeberHub projects a total enterprise value of 1.1Billion USD by 2020

WeberHub seeks to raise 20 Million USD to finance this growth

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