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Webix Gantt Chart overview

In early October 2020, the Webix team released the eighth version of the Webix UI library, which includes two new complex widgets. The first of them is Scheduler, which we discussed in detail in the previous article.

The second widget is the JavaScript Gantt chart, which we will discuss in detail in this article.

Webix Gantt widget review

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Webix Gantt widget

This time, Webix has introduced us to another widget for managing resources, projects, and scheduling tasks.

Webix currently has three widgets for project management systems (Kanban, Gantt, and Scheduler)

Gantt is traditionally used for project planning and management systems based on the Waterfall methodology. The most famous solution in this area is the MS Project. Gantt charts always impress with their visual simplicity and concise visualization of the connections between tasks. …

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Webix JavaScript Scheduler

Webix JavaScript Scheduler Review

Webix has recently introduced a new complex JS Scheduler widget for integrating calendar, planning, and scheduling functions into any web application. In this article, we will look at the main features of the new module and answer the most frequently asked questions.

What are complex Webix widgets?

Unlike regular JavaScript UI widgets, complex widgets are full-fledged SPA applications that do not require additional configuration and customization. They are immediately ready for integration into your business application, which allows you to save more working hours for programmers. This is a visual embodiment of the concept of the low-code platform, which is Webix. …

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TOP 5 awesome Webix JS widgets

In this article, we will talk about the most beautiful web widgets included in the Webix JavaScript Framework.

As an introduction, excellent design is the credo of the Webix product. In one of the interviews, the Webix product owner said that Webix philosophy is the perfect UI right out of the box, by default and without settings. Thus, Webix does everything possible to make the life of the developers easier. For example, it contains predefined content, a set of awesome material skins, and so on (for more information, see the ThinkMobiles review).

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Just look at how beautiful and concise the JavaScript TimeLine widget is. How perfectly matched its colors and fonts are. It is a pity that timeline tasks are not so common in applications, but if you need one, be sure to remember about Webix. …



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