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My takeaways from “Clean Code”

To write clean code, you must first write dirty code and then clean it.

Why and how I’m using SVG sprites over fonts for icons

In a recent project, I’ve been doing some research and testing to find the best solution for icons and small images in a web…

ES6, a necessary response

I’ve read Ville’s post with mixed feelings. Since I don’t agree with many things he wrote, I want to respond to some of his statements:

You will not be able to use direct on-the-browser ES6 for years, and since you will need to use transpiler anyway, you can get more functionality using another transpiler like…

Managing your dotfiles

Once you’ve started out enjoying dotfiles, you may wonder about the best way to organize and manage them. Do you want to keep it small and simple? Or do you want to…

Getting Started With Dotfiles

You’re The King Of Your Castle!

tl/dr; You can set up a new system using dotfiles and an installation script in minutes. It’s not hard to…

Getting gulpy

Advanced tips for using gulp.js

After getting excited about gulp.js, at some point you need more than the shiny but basic examples. This post discusses some common pitfalls when using gulp.js, plugins and streams in a more advanced and custom way.

Basic tasks

The $ object demystified

Wrap Like An Egyptian

Let’s take a quick look at querySelector-based libraries such as jQuery and Zepto. You’re probably familiar with their syntax:

var $items = $('.items')

Once you’ve queried some elements, there’s a lot you can do with those elements, such as adding classes (e.g. $el.addClass(‘active’))…

Bubbling events in detached DOM trees

To bubble or not to bubble?

Here’s a quick post on the topic. Sometimes we need events to still work in a detached DOM tree. Even though the end-user can’t really interact with detached trees, DOM elements in that tree can still listen to other events and react to them. This might also be efficient performance-wise, since…

Managing complexity in today’s web culture

Don’t micro-manage, invest in high-level patterns

Currently, in my role as a front-end architect I’m facing…

My takeaways from “Clean Code”

To write clean code, you must first write dirty code and then clean it.

Embracing Change

On single-page application architecture

Now that single-page web applications (SPA) are taking off, you may expect to also read some more about…