Your podcast’s metadata works like a treasure map for your listeners. Make sure it leads listeners to your most important information — not astray.

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Recently, I listened to an audio drama that I was really looking forward to. The audio drama had been hyped up by fans as being riveting and absolutely devastating, taking twists and turns that were going to leave me sobbing. I started listening to them in chronological order, as I always do for serialized audio dramas. About halfway through, I talked to a few friends who were fans of the audio drama and said, “I feel like I’m missing something. I don’t know how I’m going to be surprised by the end, given everything was revealed in the first episode?”

The friends asked me what the titles of the episodes I’d listened to were, and then said, “Oh no. …


Wil Williams

Podcast critic and consultant. Creator of and the Wil Williams Podcast Newsletter. @wilw_writes

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