Installing MapD Charting on Linux

After having a lot of fun playing with MapD Charting on Windows 10, I decided to up the fun quotient and install it on my Ubuntu 17.04 workstation. Thanks to the wonderful help of the MapD Community, I learned that MapD Charting works best with node 5.12.0.

As I had previously used node 7.10.0 with nvm, it was a simple matter to install node 5.12.0 concurrently with node 7.10.0 and switch 5.12.0 for the install of MapD Charting.

The install went smoothly after I switched to node 5.12.0 and I tested the example Twitter app by looking for hotspots for parties in the US.

Los Angeles is a party town. Digging down to individual Tweets, I can get an idea of what was going on during Halloween night in 2014.

As it’s Halloween, I decided to see what type of costumes LA people were wearing on that night. I got a quick glimpse of LA life.

I next looked at the code. It’s nicely documented.

The data for the interface is being pulled from Instead of trying a different data source, I decided to change the interface as a quick test.

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