When you’re a small startup with no creative agency, tapping into the wider business and marketing community can be a lifesaver

We need to increase the pool of female software engineers available to hire in future

The thinking behind the words we use

We’re just trying to one day be one-tenth as good as TransferWise when it comes to copywriting… ❤

Be clear about the key types of phrases you need

Young people in particular need a new kind of mental health service

‘Jam-togethers’, ‘Break the ask down’ and many more…

Klarna Bank: an example of technique #3, unexpected metaphor or simile

56% of people without a diagnosable mental health condition still feel “unable to cope” at times. Who’s looking out for them?

Getting to snappy and emotive language that works

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

It shouldn’t just be one or the other

The worst design sin of all: new for the sake of being new

Our eyes are subjective tricksters; we’d be better off relying on our ears

I give up. I can’t even be sure it’s a dress anymore

Addressing the issue

Will Allen-Mersh

Brand & Marketing at Spill

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