Ethereum 2.0 Phase 2 Progress

Protocol Changes Affecting Phase 2

Execution Environments


EEs — Eth1 Related

Execution Environments — Eth2 Centric

Ewasm — Interpreters, Compilers and Metering




Phase 1 and 2 Prototype in Lighthouse or Phase 2 Simulation

Relayers, State Providers and Fee Markets

Cross Shard Transactions

Asynchronous Cross Shard Transactions

  • Simple Asynchronous Calls (async await, callback, etc.)
  • Message Driven Approach (Actor model)
  • Two Phase Commit (Atomicity)
  • Locking — Read/Write (Contract Yanking)

Synchronous Cross Shard Transactions

Do we even need cross shard calls?

Phase 2 Toolchain or Orchestration Tools

  • Phase 1 & 2 simulation
  • Truffle like test tool to run wasm contracts within an EE (eth1 EE or eth2 EE)
  • Runtime environment to plug into phase 1 clients
  • Authenticated multi-proof backend (clients to generate, merge and manage multiproofs)
  • Wasm centric smart contract languages with cross shard tooling
  • Relayer, state provider tooling which interfaces with web3.js (described in “Relayers, State Providers and Fee Markets” section)

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@wjvill CEO & Co-Founder of Element Finance

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Will Villanueva

Will Villanueva

@wjvill CEO & Co-Founder of Element Finance

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