6 Best Ebrochure Maker You Need To Know About [1 Winner]

Willis Townsend
Oct 9, 2018 · 12 min read

Marketing a company event, or exhibition professionally as was in my case, can be a challenge. When you invest in marketing strategies, you expect them to be effective. There are many ways to market an event eg. printing brochures, sending newsletters, or printing posters. But the most important thing is to find the right way to market an event, which in my case was using the free ebrochure maker Yumpu.

But let’s start at the very beginning, as I will walk you through my story and how I came across 6 top ebrochure maker that let you create brochures with professionally designed brochure templates.

Well, I was helping a colleague who was staging an art performance on a limited budget.

And to market it, we considered all the three aforementioned modes to publicize it.

He needed to attain the threshold of attendance and had already started out by emailing the newsletters to customers.

This wasn’t enough and I also considered printing brochures that we would deliver to the would-be clientele / customers to read.

While searching for design brochure makers, I stumbled upon the e-brochure.

Its concept is similar to making simple posters or a flyer, only on an ebrochure maker.

It was something in the likeness of a catalog maker that could allow me to detail the events of the programme neatly while making it look as elegant as I possibly could to read.

I frantically searched online for ‘free software to make brochures and flyers’…

…a list of articles and links appeared, all of which happened to showcase a method or two, plus a real how-to tutorial.

I particularly decided to go with an ebrochure maker from the three that I narrowed down; Canva, Spark Adobe, and Microsoft Word.

We shall take an in-depth look at them later on.

I found that there are quite a number of ebrochure maker options online.

Most are gratis-to-use while some of the ebrochure maker software have a subscription fee.

I was now focused on the creation of e-brochures on my new ebrochure maker.

So, I vividly looked through for free templates on the ebrochure maker, hoping to select the greatest free brochure template .

My option was to use a free digital brochure maker/ebrochure maker rather than to pay a subscription, to create the template for this new event that was looming and fast approaching.

I also stumbled upon an ebrochure maker free download after I searched ‘online brochure maker for students.’

This free brochure maker online would enable me to work offline on my computer.

The search results of the ebrochure maker led me to the Canva brochure as the first of the top-rated ebrochure maker — but more on that later on.

Where To Make an e-Brochure?

In my case, I opted to use a desktop publishing software effectively as an ebrochure maker right from my computer.

It is also become possible to use mobile devices as an ebrochure maker, running on platforms such as Android and iOS, to do similar publishing work.

On your smart-phone, you need to go to the website of the brochure creator or ebrochure maker website.

In specific circumstances, you might be required to download a dedicated app as an ebrochure maker.

My preferred ebrochure maker has to be the Microsoft ebrochure maker which is courtesy of Microsoft Office brand.

Unknowingly to most people, it is an ebrochure maker and a real effective brochure software.

Microsoft Word as an ebrochure maker is an offline software.

It is an ebrochure maker that has free brochure templates with different colors which allow you to fashion an interactive digital brochure with flip page that is both appealing and detailed.

The brochure maker free /ebrochure maker runs on the iOS, so if you found the pricing of most ebrochure makers an obstacle, then you can use this publishing software for Mac free.

How To Create a Brochure? (Step By Step On An eBrochure Maker)

To create stunning brochures / flyers is not difficult at all…

…but before you embark on designing an e-brochure, it is advisable to sample previous works of an ebrochure maker.

There should be digital brochure examples by the ebrochure maker highlighted, which offer you an insight into the full-length capabilities of using the ebrochure maker.

You may get inspiration from one of these designs and opt for a similar template on the ebrochure maker.

So know that you have ascertained the particular desktop brochure maker for Mac that you prefer, here are the steps, of how I got about creating my brochures / flyers, which I elaborated in detail, thereafter.

To create a beautiful brochure with a flip page you simply have to follow these 4 easy points in this blog post:

  1. Create a user online account on the ebrochure maker.
  2. Select a template on your ebrochure maker.
  3. Now it is time to think about the content of your brochure and brochure design. Don’t worry- no design skills needed — just add graphics boxes and insert text.
  4. Adjust font, word spacing, and color to customize your brochure.


Pretty easy to make a brochure right?

Now you can go on and share your online brochure on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google + & Co.), send your stunning brochures via email or embed them on your website.

You are first required to accept the terms and conditions as a user agreement.

On Canva or Spark Adobe, it’s mandatory to create a user online-account on the ebrochure maker.

After satisfying the rules of the ebrochure maker, you can pick out the template of your choice and drag it to the workspace.

If the ebrochure maker does not have a template to your liking, then you can customize by adding graphics boxes or inserting text.

This way you can create custom brochures.

Sometimes an ebrochure maker template already has everything pre-drafted, so all you need to do is to erase the default wording and replace with your own and you got a well designed brochure.

All you have to do on your ebrochure maker is select the text with a mouse and delete the text.

You can then proceed to key in your text on the ebrochure maker, beginning with the title of the event, business, or organization.

In this particular portion, you are spoilt for choice, because it is the part that introduces the theme or style that you will go with, in the entire e-brochure.

So, be particularly keen when selecting the font, orientation or numbering, as well on the ebrochure maker.

Every ebrochure maker should give you a choice to ensure that you customize the e-brochure to blend seamlessly with your theme.

If you wish to replace a graphic with your own, you should select the work area.

Next, select the replace option on the ebrochure maker to replace it with your own.

Replacing the template graphic should be straightforward. In my case, since it was an art performance and exhibition, going with a theme of an acting stage in a theater on the ebrochure maker seemed more appropriate.

Thanks to the ebrochure maker, the graphic on the face of the eye-catching brochure candidly expressed its contents.

Even the ebrochure maker would advise that you don’t spend too much time making unnecessary adjustments.

In fact, any ebrochure maker will advise against adding too many images that might blot the final copy.

An e-brochure on an ebrochure maker should be readable otherwise, even if it is printed it will be worthless.

Nobody wants to squint to see the contents, which is why the templates are pre-designed by professional staff of the ebrochure maker.

The ebrochure maker has already worked out the aspect ratio, determining the smallest and largest possible size.

This, in turn, dictates the smallest and/or largest font that you can use, or the size of the graphic as well, on the ebrochure maker.

As you work on the ebrochure maker, remember to save your e-brochure as a PDF which is quickly becoming the preferred format of creating and sending document files.

If you are using an ebrochure maker such as Microsoft Word, the free publisher for Mac, you should have an option to convert it into PDF if it is a 2007 model or a more recent one.

If you can’t access this feature, not to worry, you might have to access the internet and utilize one of the many store-as-PDF free services online to convert and save your work.

Once you have selected the graphics and font, it is time to type in your message into the template on the ebrochure maker.

Once you are satisfied that the uploaded photo or your selection of picutres, plus the wording is up to par on the ebrochure maker, then you can save, and share your created brochure via email, on social media,.. etc.

You can easily create an e-brochure online, gratis.

However, you should note that not all of the ebrochure maker offer gratis versions.

Some allow you to create an e-brochure on their ebrochure maker online platform, only for you to find out after you have finished, that there are potentially hidden charges you might incur before you are allowed to download or share your work.

The top ebrochure maker, each of which that has a large clientele base are Yumpu, Canva, Microsoft Word, Spark Adobe, My Creative Shop, Venngage, and Lucid Press but to mention a few.

Yumpu Website

The free digital publishing software Yumpu is among my favorite ebrochure maker.

The software is easy to use — simply upload your PDF document and the rest is history. The digital publishing platform has millions of active readers and over 20 million magazines on their platform.

I wasn’t only able to create an interactive ebrochure that includes image, video, audio and hyperlinks — but also got a ton of new readers thanks to their well-known platform. (P.S. with one of their paid plans they also offer search engine optimization — this way your ebrochure can be found easily in Google and other search engines).

Canva Website

When it comes to Canva you have to create an online account on the website of this ebrochure maker before you can even start working.

It is the only pre-requisite, otherwise, their pricing plan is mainly targeted at professionals who have long-term projects and frequent this ebrochure maker to meet their deadlines.

As a beginner or even someone with experience in this field who only gets to use the ebrochure maker once in a long while, the free version is just what you need.

The only downside of this great ebrochure maker, or at least it seems so, is that you have to upload your own content photos or otherwise, buy stock images.

It is not so much a disadvantage, because there are millions of free stock images on the internet to choose from which can influence your theme positively when you upload them to the ebrochure maker.

Canva offers some great features, so this one is definitely worth a try. It is easy to create professional brochure but also a well designed brochure that you can print too.

Website of Bote

Bote has some incredibly powerful features, even in the basic level package, that you’ll struggle to find anywhere else. As an ebrochure maker, it’s really quite flawless, offering an unrivalled user experience that is hard to find anywhere else.

That being said, it is not a free ebrochure maker. You do have to pay. However, Bote offers a completely free trial which is one of the most generous I’ve ever seen.

In the free trial, you can upload up to three documents of unlimited pages and up to 600MB in size each. That’s enough to accommodate even the biggest of catalog or ebrochure publications.

Once uploaded, you can take advantage of their ultra-fast rendering, automatic SEO, one click sharing and their bespoke editing tool, ‘Exclusiv’. If you do decide to stay with Bote, the ongoing costs are quite reasonable too.

Microsoft Office Brochures Website

It is perhaps the most common one of the three in discussion considering that it is also your go-to ebrochure maker for Macbooks and it’s one of the highly ranked results even when you search ‘free publisher Mac’ on Google.

It is absolutely free, and what I like most about this great ebrochure maker is that you can work offline, and effectively so while at it.

It is a simple to use ebrochure maker with unique template color styles and a few nice features such as a nice support team.

The major advantage of this ebrochure maker is that it has been around for a while, and almost anybody who has used a computer in the past decade can vouch for it. (Another bonus: you can also always print your created brochure)

Adobe Spark Website

It is perhaps one of the second most popular ebrochure maker on the list.

The company Adobe is renowned for its PDF software as well as the photoshop software both of which are widely used all over the world.

You can now add ebrochure maker to its portfolio, thanks to the Spark Adobe ebrochure maker.

It does not cost you a penny, but you have to set up an online user account on the site to use the gratis version.

There seems to be no downside to this great ebrochure maker because the gratis version has some very exciting features. Just quickly and easily make an ebrochure including photos for your marketing campaign.

The few unlockable features that come with a premium subscription do not really make a large difference for a one time user like me on the ebrochure maker.

They are better suited for professionals, particularly those with high ranking clientele, anyway.

Website of iMag

The advanced publishing tools on iMag are second to none, I simply love it. From changing the layout to adjusting colors, this is a desktop publishing suite wrapped into a competent ebrochure maker.

One of the best things about iMag is it’s native and automatic optimization engine. As soon as you upload your PDF, it starts optimizing your ebrochure for Google and other search engines, helping you get your content found fast.

My favorite part is that this ebrochure maker actually takes the images from your publication and uploads them separately, meaning they can be found on Google Images, further extending your reach.

The only thing I don’t like is that there’s no Google Analytics support on either the (not free but cheap at $1) trial, or on the basic package. You need to pick the business package for that, and that’s priced out of reach for most ebrochure makers.

Among the 4 picks, each ebrochure maker stands out from the top ten listed online.

With all the information and insights I got, I, however, have to go with Yumpu as the perfect ebrochure maker because of its numerous probabilities to say the very least.

It has very high-quality templates, graphically speaking, and even its pricing plan for the premium version is more appealing than any other ebrochure maker. Plus, it got an awesome support team.

Hope this little overview and in-depth information about 4 of my favorite ebrochure maker that are offered all around the world was of help to you!

If you got any questions or would like to hear more about this topic on my blog feel free to contact me :)

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