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Willis Townsend
Oct 9, 2018 · 9 min read
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Marketing is a vital cog in business. As you know, today, there are numerous digital methods to promote products and services, such as web banners, pop ads, and e-brochures. I considered various methods before I settled on using a brochure creator to design an e-brochure for an art project.

As a matter of fact, my major challenge was that it is fast becoming a trend, and there is a couple of brochure creator software online such as Lucid Press, Fotojet, Publitas, Canva, Microsoft Word, and others which we shall delve into detail, further on in the text.

The best part is that we highlight the best brochure creator to use amongst the top 9 versions online.

So here’s the deal:

I was actually helping a friend of mine on an art illustrated project, and since she was not all too familiar with the digital side of advertising, I offered her my help.

She had a marketing budget, but it did not quite seem like it would help her attain the desired quality of top-notch, high-end posters and still enable her to print out the event schedule.

I merely suggested to her the idea of exploring brochures.

It was an all in one print out that could hold everything.

This too proved to be elusive since the cost would involve pressing 400 of them for her 250 guests.

Let me explain!

The printing press had a flat rate for a batch of 1 to 400 which doubled if you needed more (between 401 to 800).

This gave me the idea to look for a digital solution that would involve mailing the art program/schedule beforehand.

That is when I stumbled upon the digital brochure maker and the brochure creator line of software, online.

How I got there

I remember Googling a variety of options such as ‘how to design a brochure,’ ‘online brochure maker free, ‘brochure maker free download,’ ‘free brochure maker online,’ and ‘best brochure maker’, all in the excitement of the moment.

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For sure, I was ecstatic to discover the brochure creator, and even better I had options.

It was now up to me to find the best brochure creator of the top 10 brochure design software.

There were free printable brochure templates on the free software to make brochures and flyers that allowed me to make an e-brochure, fully customized.

As I sifted through each brochure creator, I noticed that each brochure design software had digital brochure examples or samples created by experienced digital artists beforehand.

I wanted to use the brochure creator to make an interactive digital brochure that could promote my colleague’s brand effortlessly.

It would save us a lot of money and time to use a brochure creator to make a digital brochure free of charge and allow the money to be channeled to other use.

Looking at the brochure creator, it even doubles up as a leaflet creator if at all you decided to scale down to a single page with minimal details.

Want to know the best part?

It seems that every brochure creator knew that amateurs and students would find the necessity of creating an e-brochure at one point or the other.

In fact, the best aspects of each brochure creator make them ideal online brochure maker for students.

Before looking at the traits of each single brochure creator, it is imperative to understand custom brochures which will make it easier for you to determine the best brochure maker as you make your own brochure or create your own brochure online.

We will also highlight the steps of building brochure using an e-brochure maker.

What Is A Digital Brochure?

You might be wondering what exactly is a digital brochure?

Well, it is an informative document in a digital, non-physical format which is designed using a software or an online brochure creator.

You can print a digital brochure into physical copies or send it via electronic mail (email) to customers.

The reason there is a surge in the use of a brochure creator is the need to find more marketing avenues for businesses that are going digital or online.

A brochure creator can double up as an easy brochure maker or a leaflet maker depending on the size of the document you wish to create.

A leaflet is basically a page long while a brochure is typically 2 to even 15 pages long.

Usually, the aim of using a brochure creator is to summarize the details expertly.

It is used to make a potential customer aware, thereby fulfilling brand exposure, if you haven’t already. In my case, my lady friend had a clientele, and so it was not about brand exposure.

She simply wanted to market to them an art exhibition.

My role was to detail the theme or purpose on the front page of the brochure.

I used the brochure creator to list the event, date, and time while including any charges and/or requirements.

Inside was a small detail of some of the wares on sale or free display, thereby fulfilling the aspect of marketing the brand.

How To Make A Brochure?

It might sound complex, but, to make an e-brochure, you need a brochure creator, which I must say, there is a wide range to choose from.

Once you have picked your preferred brochure creator, you have to select a template that forms the basis of your style or design on your brochure creator.

Before you embark on setting the font size and graphics, an online brochure creator will prompt you to register on their website.

There are a number of reasons why a brochure creator would do this.

The first is that most brochure creator software have a pricing plan and therefore, should you opt to switch to this, and as a registered member, billing would be easy.

The second one, which is one of the more important ones is that the brochure creator needs to secure the platform which is why they have to verify you via your email.

It also helps the brochure creator if they can get into an informal legal agreement as stipulated in the terms and conditions section which you will be required to adhere to in the time you use the platform.

Now that the brochure creator has you logged in to the site, you can go ahead and finish your e-brochure by adding the body or text detailing the brand.

Afterward, you can then upload or share your e-brochure from the brochure creator site.

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Where Can I Make A Brochure?

Not to worry, there is a myriad of sites online where you can make a brochure using a brochure creator.

Many freelance developers are changing the global marketing strategies by introducing digital marketing solutions, and a brochure creator is one of them.

When it comes to selecting a brochure creator, you are definitely spoilt for choice because some of them include: Canva, Microsoft Word, Spark Adobe, My Creative Shop, Venngage, Be funky, Ps Print, fotojet, publitas, and Lucid Press.

How Do You Make A Good Brochure?

Here is the kicker!

To make a good brochure, you first need to pick a good template from the brochure creator, one that fits into the theme of the message you are trying to convey.

The next thing is to properly align the graphics and font while detailing the product or service.

Pick the colors carefully because at the end of the day it is about making the e-brochure designed on the brochure creator as appealing as possible.

Below we look at some of the brochure creators and what they have to offer:


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Canva gives you access to over 8,000 templates, two folders to organize designs, and you can also access millions of photos starting at $1 each on this brochure creator on this free version.

Microsoft Word

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Microsoft Word is a document editor which doubles up as a brochure creator thanks to its wide range of editing tools. It is an offline software so you do not need an internet connection, and designing and customizing brochures using the provided templates is free.

Spark Adobe

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Spark Adobe is a brochure creator which is free-to-use with no payment plan required. Some features of this brochure creator include: create stunning graphics, web pages, and video stories, it is available on desktop, iPhone, and iPad allowing you to sync projects across devices.

My Creative Shop

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My Creative Shop is a brochure creator with a monthly subscription of $19.95 which grants you several customizing features such as: creating an unlimited number of projects & gain access to over 20,000 customizable templates, downloading an unlimited number of high-quality print files, nice printing options, and a sharing feature.


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Venngage is a brochure creator which has a basic edition that is free, and it is titled the student version. It has very limited customizing options such as 5 infographics and public sharing. The business edition has a monthly subscription of $49 from this brochure creator with more customizable options.

Be funky

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Be funky is a brochure creator which has a basic, free-to-use edition. However, this version on the brochure creator is filled with ads, and you need a premium upgrade to remove them.

Ps Print

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Ps Print is a brochure creator which allows you to fully personalize your e-brochure. There is a myriad of effects that you can add with the cost for each starting at $49.50. It is a cost that gradually increases depending on the customizable features that you add.


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Fotojet is a brochure creator whose basic plan is free. Some of the features of this plan include basic: editing tools, templates, fonts, photo effects, clipart images, shapes, overlays, frames. You, however, have to put up with ads.


This brochure creator guarantees you data traffic of 100GB / month, 1 account user, and unlimited publications, all while providing email support. The basic plan of this brochure creator is a paid subscription either monthly or annually. Its free user version has a limited storage of 25 MB and only allows printing of 3 pages every month.

Lucid Press

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Lucid Press is a brochure creator which has a basic monthly subscription plan of $5.95 with features such as unlimited pages and documents, print-quality PDFs, and a premium template library.

The Best Brochure Creator

After carefully reviewing and assessing the numerous features that each single brochure creator has to offer, we have to pick the best.

This is taking into consideration various factors including the library of templates of the brochure creator, the pricing plan, and the access to customizable features.

Microsoft Word is a multifunctional software which is a commendable fete considering it allows you to work offline and it is completely free of charge.

Some like the Fotojet brochure creator, Lucid Press brochure creator, and the Spark Adobe brochure creator allow you to work on an unlimited number of pages for free.

Each one of the other brochure creators requires you to make a payment to access customizable features included in a premium package.

The best brochure creator among all of these has to be, Spark Adobe.

It is free to use, and you can also create video stories to add to your custom brochure.

It has an android and iOS app that can allow you to work while on the move.

This brochure creator has proved that it is a fit for someone who admires flexibility and creativity.

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