5 Awesome Free Online Brochure Maker That Actually Work!

Spent hours looking for an awesome way to create an online brochure?

I have found the answer!

Here I will not only share with you 5 of the best brochure maker but also the #1 brochure maker currently available!

Working in real estate, I’m always looking for new ways to present properties and content to different groups of people and potential customers.

The problem is, producing stunning brochure examples for clients to read takes money, especially if you make different versions for seniors, newly married couples and singles.

That’s why I started looking for a brochure maker which offers a cost effective but flexible way to print stunning brochures in house.

When I first started looking for a brochure maker, I didn’t know much about brochure printing.

Our content catalogs had previously been handled every quarter by a part-time brochure maker and weren’t as professional and useful as they could have been.

So we decided to bring our brochure maker tasks in-house.

And we also resolved to ensure that every sales rep could use the free brochure maker we chose, both in the office and on the road with all its premium features .

I wasn’t sure whether I could find the right brochure maker, but I soon discovered that there are plenty of suitable digital brochure maker options around.

We experimented with a few (well, almost every free brochure maker) until we found the best brochure design software for our unique projects.

Where Can I Make a Brochure?

Since we started, we’ve fielded plenty of queries from clients about how they can produce literature like ours with a brochure maker.

So we thought it would be a neat idea to offer out tips about the 5 best brochure maker.

1. Microsoft Office Brochure Maker

Let’s start with one of the big guns in the brochure maker universe.

The standard Microsoft Brochure Maker comes as a component of Microsoft Office, and it was one of the first brochure maker options we thought about that also allows you to customize your brochure .

Don’t worry — you don’t need to be a graphic designer nor do you need to hire another company to easily create an eye-catching brochure with astonishing designs .

It is a pretty flexible brochure maker, making it easy to create stunning brochures, tri fold brochures, import images(jpg, png or pdf)/graphics from other Windows apps, and even convert Powerpoint presentations directly into brochures, and it comes with all sorts of free brochure templates for buyers to play around with.

Everything is easy to navigate in this brochure maker, as you’d expect with Microsoft, and we found that uploading data from our real estate databases to the brochure maker was pretty seamless, allowing us to create our nice real estate brochures. 
 There were also huge advantages in using the brochure templates Word came with, as we could instantly import almost any content copy into the brochure maker without any corruption or sizing issues.

But if you do go down the brand Microsoft route, be sure to check out the Office website, where there’s a treasure trove of inspiration nd extra design templates for the brochure maker.

2. Use a brochure maker to create Vistaprint brochures

The brand Vistaprint is another familiar name in the brochure maker world, and they offer really well professionally designed brochure templates/ free brochure creator online for customers to use.

The brochure maker tool is very intuitive, and all of our team found it easy to get up to speed in no time.
 Buyers need to supply the brochure maker with graphical elements such as company logos and, in our case, photographs of properties for sale.

All of this material can be uploaded simply in a second onto the brochure maker, where you can also enter whatever designing copy needs to be added (but don’t forget to hit the save button).

The brochure maker makes it so simple that realtors on their first day can get the hang of it, and it isa perfect brochure maker for producing leaflet-style brochures for individual neighborhoods including a nice image .

But we didn’t like it for longer documents, and hooking it up to external databases is tricky.

3. Flipbuilder: A great brochure maker for Mac

In our office we have quite a few iPhone and Mac lovers, and we needed a ebrochure maker which could offer them a way to participate.

And the best brochure maker services we found for Mac was definitely Flipbuilder.
 Flipbuilder provides a suite of brochure maker tools which focus on generating high quality PDF documents with image .

If you are thinking of producing a brochure or catalogue design PDF is a great way to go, owing to its visual quality and flexibility.

So we liked this aspect of what the brochure maker had to offer.

Another strong point of this brochure maker is that you can share any documents easily via social media networks (Facebook, Twitter & Co.), allowing for seamless collaborative working.

And you can download their brochure maker free online, so there is nothing to stop you from giving it a try…

…except maybe the pricing. The cheapest pricing option starts at $99.00 (better start to save some money), but therefore you also get to contact their helpful support team if you need any additional information.

4. Google Docs: A viable brochure maker? You bet

One of the things which surprised us most when exploring our brochure maker services options was how well Google Docs served our needs.

If you are hunting for a fully functional brochure maker Google is actually an excellent option.

For us, the most exciting thing about using Google as a catalog creator was that it’s a brochure maker which allows for true collaboration.

When we use a brochure maker, we don’t work individually.

Properties are handled by different account managers and they all need to be treated with care and attention.

So one writer or publishing officer doesn’t really make sense.

We had to have a brochure maker that allowed every team member to have input into the process.
 Google does that really nicely.

The brochure maker works with a standard Google Docs account, where you’ll get plenty of gratis brochure templates in their “brochure template gallery.”

The brochure templates are totally fine for most business needs, and can be updated quickly via the Cloud. You can also get some design ideas by scrolling through the image design templates.

So we found it to be a convenient and feature-rich brochure maker.
 As a side note, my daughter also found ways to adapt Google Docs as a brochure maker.

Her class had to complete a project on beverage sales, and part of that involved to create a short trade catalog and flyers .

Her team stayed in touch and worked via Docs, and came up with something pretty impressive (no, I wasn’t involved).

So it could be the ideal brochure maker for students.

5. Canva’s brochure maker — Leaders in modern designed brochure templates

Our final pick for a great brochure maker is Canva.

If you work in businesses where publishing is a big deal, you might have come across Canva’s products.

Their brochure maker is one of the best around and allows you to select some premium features for their product . And I personally really like that I don’t need to download anything.
 Like most of the brochure maker we’ve talked about so far, Canva’s brochure maker features a “drag and drop” interface which lets customers select and add images and other elements from their computer with just a click.

Colors, fonts and layouts can be tweaked in seconds, so users aren’t limited at all when using the Canva brochure maker.

We liked the clear user interface of this brochure maker, but there were other aspects of their cute brochure maker which make it stand out.

For instance, the Canva brochure maker provides access to a huge collection of stock images and general information and resources if you need any support .

While we try to limit stock photos when using a brochure maker, we sometimes need to add a bit of personality to our brochures, and Canva’s image library is a big help.
 Another impressive feature of the Canva brochure maker is its print quality. When you create client-facing documents with a brochure maker, quality is everything.

Pricing for Canva varies, from a free option to two paid options.

Some brochure maker services don’t measure up in the quality department. Fortunately, Canva’s brochure maker produces high-quality results, supplying the finished article in beautiful brochure or catalogue design pdf format.

You definitely won’t feel embarrassed to hand these brochures to prospective clients.

How to Make a Brochure?

Making a professional brochure is as easy as it can get.

Choose one of your preferred brochure maker, sign up using your email address and start creating!
 All of those 5 brochure maker have made a big impression in our office.

We’ve kept a couple of brochure maker options in our core software library, but all of them are on standby for specialist brochure maker tasks.

We’ve found that by mixing brochure maker apps together, we can have a brochure maker for Mac, laptops in our offices, and even smartphones or tablets. 
 We’ve also learned some valuable things about using any digital brochure maker, and we think that these brochure maker points could benefit companies who want to emulate our publishing efforts.

So here are some quick brochure graphic design tips.

  1. Firstly, organize your source material before you get started with any brochure maker to create a brochure. Brochure maker are only useful if you know what photos and text are required on each page. So plan ahead in publishing meetings and have clear guidelines about structure when using a brochure maker.
  2. Secondly, don’t waste time with a brochure maker service creating your own custom brochure templates for each document. Every brochure maker we’ve listed comes with free templates, and these templates have been created with people like you in mind. In most cases, the brochure maker will let you make changes to brochure template layouts with a simple click if you need to — but don’t forget to click save at the end.
  3. Thirdly, here’s one more valuable brochure maker tip: When it comes to layout, less is more. When using a brochure maker service try to keep every page uncluttered, and avoid compressing large numbers of text boxes or property ads in the space available. If you’ve got a choice between adding an extra page in your brochure maker or cutting paper usage, go for the extra page. Also (some brochure maker let you add a link to your brochure) — this way you can link to one of your products on your website etc.
  4. Fourthly, quality is everything. Well looking custom brochures will pay for themselves.
  5. Fiftly, a good brochure maker allows you to share your created brochure or flyers on social media (Facebook, Twitter & Co.), via email,…

How to print glossy brochures at home?

We found that it is not essential to outsource your custom brochure printing operations.

However, this is an area where you’ll need to make a decision.

We had some interesting experiences with glossy paper printing during our brochure maker experiments, but we did find a way to print in-house in the end with the brochure maker we preferred — we did learn a lot.
 If you use high-quality free digital brochure maker, you can come up with PDF format documents which are pretty much ready to print.

Most brochure maker packages also let you create PDFs with the folds indicated already. 
At your end, it is mostly a question of sourcing the right printer and stationery to get the job done with your brochure maker package.

To get the most from your brochure maker you’ll need a printer capable of double-sided printing.

Using Adobe Acrobat with your brochure maker is also a nice idea.

Acrobat’s printing options are the most flexible when it comes to handling the PDFs professionally created by brochure maker tools.
 If you intend to create glossy brochures with your brochure maker (which we certainly did), it helps to have an Inkjet printer, not a Laserjet.

If you do have a Laserjet, don’t worry, because HP offer specialist Laserjet Glossy Brochure paper.

It’s just a bit more expensive than the Color Copy pure white cardstock we tend to use with our brochure maker.
 However, be aware when using a brochure maker that printing on glossy paper can be complicated.

You’ll need to take care about storing printed materials to avoid ruining the print quality and don’t skimp on the quality of your printer or paper.

What is a good free online brochure maker website?

Hopefully, the new five brochure maker tools we’ve listed above and the tips for using a brochure maker will set you on the path to creating amazing literature.

Whether you’re looking for a brochure creator online to list your fashion designs, or you need to print custom brochures in-house for a travel website, professional level publishing isn’t out of reach with the right brochure maker.
 At least, it isn’t if you use new reliable brochure maker.

Look for a brochure maker with plenty of positive reviews, and one which produces high-resolution images.

Check that your brochure maker has the ability to import and export content easily, and opt for a brochure maker which can be used on iPhones and PCs alike, making collaboration easy.

And definitely choose a brochure maker which supplies generous amounts of free brochure templates.
 Some brochure maker lure people in with attractive websites and bold claims, but let you down when it comes to their actual apps.

No brochure maker reviewed here will do that.

Most of the brochure maker tools are free to use as well, or they come with suites like Office that you may already have.

So there is no reason to spend extra on in-house publishing when brochure maker are available. (Some even let you create a business card — Business Cards and basically all important marketing materials one could need to create an awesome marketing campaign!)
 We’ve turned our real-estate publishing around by finding the right brochure maker to create incredible brochures for our audience, and you can do the same.

Let me know in the comments down below the blog post if you already have experience using a brochure maker and which other popular software you prefer to use!