TypeScript — The honest trailer 📺

Take a seat and enjoy the trailer — https://unsplash.com/photos/yKPj4oi9m74

Cons #1: Don’t use TypeScript “as” or “any”

(myObjectIwillTypeLaterButNotToday as any).undefinedProperty.child
// will throw an error at runtime, but will pass typechecking ...

If you use TypeScript, type everything!

Pros #1: VSCode / Editors integration

  • Renaming
    Basically rename a React Component and all itsoccurrences in 2 key strokes.
  • Live background type checking
VScode will use tsserver to check your code as you type, no need for `tsc -w`
See how many times a function is used and where in a glance ✨

Cons #2 : The “magic security belt”

In bodybuilding, the proteins are to be used in addition to a good training and a proper diet.
It’s the same for TypeScript with tests.

Pros #2: Types generation tools

Excerpt from a typings file generated with apollo-codegen ✨

Cons #3 : Compilation speed over time

Pros #3 : Refactoring made easy

TypeScript allows developers to focus on exposed API rather than having to know all the code by heart.

Cons #4 : Development overhead and syntax complexity

Is it useful for small projects ?

Scaling types need practice

Complex types are still difficult to define

“Hello, is it type you’re looking for?”

Pros #4 : Smart and gentle compiler

You don’t need to migrate all your code to TypeScript in order to use it.

  • noImplicitAny
    every variables must have a explicit type (even any)
  • noImplicitThis
    every this must have a explicit type (even any)
  • alwaysStrict
    Do not be confused, this option will add "use strict" to all files.
  • strictNullChecks
    null and undefined are two distinct values
  • strictFunctionTypes
    every functions must have a explicit type (even any)
  • strictPropertyInitialization
    every property of a class must be initialized


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Helping you to get the most of new web technologies ✍️🎙 | https://noti.st/charlypoly

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Charly Poly

Charly Poly

Helping you to get the most of new web technologies ✍️🎙 | https://noti.st/charlypoly

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