World of Ether: The Official Guide

Welcome explorer!

If you’re new to World of Ether, you’re about to enter a decentralized world in which you collect the native fauna, Etherians, and battle, breed, sell, and sire them. You can even earn real money selling or siring your Etherians on the marketplace!

So how do you do this? How do you play World of Ether? Read on!

Getting Started

To get started, you need only two things: a connection to the Ethereum network and an Etherian monster.

To connect to the Ethereum network, we recommend the MetaMask browser extension if you intend on playing on Desktop, or the Coinbase Wallet app if you intend on playing on mobile.

To get your first Etherian visit the Marketplace.


At its core level, World of Ether is a game about collecting the strongest Etherians. There are 201 Etherians across 5 types and 4 grades of rarity.


Each type in World of Ether is more powerful than the last. Here are the types:

Sun: Representing light, warmth, flying, and fire.

Ocean: Representing water, depth, and mystery.

Life: Representing fertility and vegetation.

Death: Representing demise, undoing, and finality.

Astral: Representing intelligence, psychic ability, and the metaphysical.

Four Grades of Rarities

Within each type exists four grades of rarity. As with type, each grade of rarity is more powerful than the last.

Common: The most frequently occuring rarity of Etherian. Cute to look at, but the weakest of all rarities.

Uncommon: More rare than commons, these Etherians tend to be of medium power.

Rare: Very hard to find and very powerful. Etherians that are rare are also more likely to breed stronger monsters.

Legendary: The rarest and most powerful of all Etherians. It’s unlikely that most explorers will ever encounter one of these. These beasts are sterile and cannot breed.

Creating New Etherians

Breeding and hatching in World of Ether are how new Etherians are created, and occurs in the Collection screen.

Breeding requires 1 female and 1 male, both of the same type. If you only have 1 Etherian, you can still breed and create a new Etherian through siring on the marketplace. Rarer Etherians are more ideal to breed than common Etherians.

Breeding also requires Etherians not to be directly related to each other.

In order to help preserve the marketplace value of Etherians, it costs a small amount of ETH to perform a single breed.

There are also cooldowns, in the form of age increasing after each breed. Etherians with higher ages incur more fatigue time after a breed. Fatigues are temporary periods which prevent the Etherian from breeding.

Whenever a breed happens, an Etherian egg is created. Once hatched, a new Etherian emerges!

Eggs bought from the Inventory screen are different from ones created by breeding. Inventory purchased eggs can be saved for use, whereas an egg from a breed has its Etherian decided upon at conception.

Inventory eggs also have one less cooldown, and are more likely to hatch rarer monsters than normal breeds.

Selling & Buying

Buying from the Marketplace is how players without eggs will receive their first Etherians.

The marketplace takes only ETH, and you can put an Etherian up for auction, allowing you to earn money selling your Etherians to other players.

You can choose to have an auction increase in price over time, decrease in price over time, or remain a static price. Once the Etherian is put up for auction, it becomes unavailable to use until purchased or the auction is canceled.

As the buyer, by clicking on an Etherian, you’re given an array of important facts, such as moves (and move details), strength, gender, and age.

When looking for an Etherian, make sure you use the filters to find exactly what you need!

You can also share your auction on social media and through text with the URL[ID#]. Go to “view auction” in the Collection screen to get this shareable URL.

If you see a marketplace card with a DNA logo on it, this means the Etherian isn’t being sold, but is instead up for sire.


Players can sire their male Etherians to other players in exchange for ETH.

If you have only one Etherian, and it’s female, you can buy a male sire on the marketplace to birth another Etherian!

Alternatively, if you need a type or rarity to sire with that you do not possess you can also find that.


Occasionally, Gold Etherians will be hatched.

Each species of Etherian has a normal version and a Gold version. Gold Etherians are incredibly infrequent and have the highest possible power of that species as well as a unique moveset.


Discovery is when a player hatches an Etherian species before any other player.

When a species is discovered, the discoverer gets permanently and publicly credited in the Woedex, and receives a Gold version of that species.

The name that is listed in the Woedex next to the Etherian will be the Discoverer’s username, which can be changed in settings at any time.


Leveling is how you increase your Etherian breeding and battling abilities. When your level rises your skill at breeding higher grades of rarity increases, and you become able to battle with and breed new types of Etherian.

Increasing your level requires battling, and experience gained from battling can be redeemed on the blockchain. Battles are tiring, and after too many in one day, they begin to yield less experience.

The final level you can reach is 50, and getting there will not be easy!

If, however, you’re able to make it, you will get one extra ability. At level 50 you receive a chance of finding a random Crystal from battling.

Crystals are rare Etherian power ups; more on these in a later section.


For an in depth playbook on battling, click here.

Battles are 2-on-2 and turn based.

There are over 300 moves and male, female, and gold Etherians all have different movesets.

Of the 300 moves, there are 9 effects and 6 attributes. The effects range from damage, to damage over time, to heal, to invincibility. Attributes are variables such as accuracy or strength.

Each move takes energy to use and stronger moves typically take more energy. Etherians can rest to regain energy or switch to the background to regain energy faster.

Additionally, Etherians of different types all get their own advantages.

Sun: Regains more energy each turn.

Ocean: Mimics opponent’s type advantage.

Life: Regains small amount of life per turn.

Death: Damage dealt increases with life loss.

Astral: Damage moves reduce opponent’s energy.

Battles are difficult and after any single fight, one of your Etherians can contract a disorder that affects their battle skills for three hours…


Crystals are ERC20 in-game power ups, spanning across all 5 types: Sun, Ocean, Life, Death, and Astral. Once a crystal is used, it is gone forever.

The Sun crystal is the most ubiquitous of the crystals, and can be redeemed for one breed; no ETH has to be spent.

The Ocean crystal changes the gender of an Etherian and can be used more than once on the same Etherian. This can give you siring advantages, strength advantages, and/or moveset advantages.

The Life crystal reduces the age of an Etherian by one, while also resetting its fatigue.

The Death crystal allows you to sacrifice 3 Etherians in order to receive an Inventory egg, with Etherian inside the egg not being decided upon until you’re ready.

The Astral crystal is the rarest of all crystals and increases the rarity of a breed by one. There’s a limited amount of these in the universe, and once they’re all gone, they will no longer be attainable from World of Ether.

There are three ways to get crystals.

  • Battling at level 50.
  • Trading between other players as crystals are ERC20.
  • Buying an egg for the first time (you receive 1 crystal).

New Etherians

There are 201 initial species of Etherian available for players to obtain.

Despite this, there still exists a very slight chance of breeding an entirely new species!

World of Ether is large and diverse; and there will always be more to explore and discover.

Discovery Rewards

ETH rewards are being given out to players discovering Etherians. So far there’s over $20,000 in rewards, and as the game goes on and players reach new levels we’ll be announcing even more.

Here are the current rewards for undiscovered Etherians:

The Five Legendary Etherians are worth even more.

#033: $300

#034: $300

#037: $400

#039: $1,000

#040: $6,000

#041: $100

#065: $120

#073: $500

#075: $1,000

#079: $500

#080: $10,000

#081–200: ????

Rewards are paid in ETH (at Coinbase USD value @ time of payout) and last until 5/1/2019.

What the Future Holds

As exciting as these rewards are, what we have in store for the future is even better.

New gameplay features, UI/UX updates, translations, new Etherians which you all have a chance of discovering, more lore, and even bigger giveaways are all on the horizon.

We can’t say too much right now, but if you want to be first to hear of these announcements, we’ll be emailing them to everybody here.


There’s so much to explore. Play World of Ether at

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