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Feb 7, 2018 · 8 min read

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Welcome to the World of Ether.

Up to this point we’ve been explaining our game mechanics in many different channels — on our website, in our Discord, in a live stream, etc. — but now, for ease of consumption, we want to have the bulk of this in one place.

While this isn’t going to share all of our secrets, as we want to surprise and awe players when the full version is released Q4 2018, this post is going to paint what the future holds and a little of what you can expect from the world we’re developing.

Decentralized Gaming

World of Ether allows its players to earn ETH by selling and siring monsters, and for this reason, we see it as being absolutely crucial that the game’s mechanics cannot be manipulated.

A centralized game has the possibility of developers manipulating market prices, and wasting the time of the players in the game.

We don’t want to have a situation in which players’ monsters become devalued so that one group of people can unfairly make more ETH than the rest. Nor do we want to have a situation in which players’ battles, leveling, breeding, hatching, discovering, or siring — all game actions that affect monster values — are altered in ways that hurt players.


In World of Ether, players breed, hatch, battle, level up, discover, sire, and sell monsters (called Etherians) of different types and different rarities.


There are five types of Etherians in World of Ether. Each type is generally more powerful than the last.

Sun: Representing light, warmth, flying, and fire.

Ocean: Representing water, depth, and mystery.

Life: Representing fertility and vegetation.

Death: Representing demise, undoing, and finality.

Astral : Representing intelligence, psychic ability, and the metaphysical.

Four Grades of Rarities

Within each Etherian monster type exists four grades of rarity. As with type, each grade of rarity is more powerful than the last.

Common: The most frequently occuring rarity of Etherian. While cute to look at, many of these monsters on average are weaker than the rest.

Uncommon: More rare than common Etherians, these monsters tend to be of medium power.

Rare: Very hard to find and very powerful. Etherians that are rare are also more likely to breed more rare monsters.

Legendary: Incredibly rare and incredibly powerful. These beasts are sterile and cannot breed.


Breeding in World of Ether is how Etherians are created. Breeding requires 1 female and 1 male, both of the same type.

All players, upon release of the main game, due to their beginner levels, will only have access to the Sun type.


Hatching presale eggs is how this world receives its first monsters.

Eggs purchased from World of Ether don’t have to be hatched right away, they can be left unhatched, out of strategy, until certain times.


Occasionally, Gold Etherians will be hatched or will result from breeding.

Each species of monster has a normal version and a Gold version. Gold monsters are incredibly infrequent and have the highest possible power of that species.

Leveling Up

In World of Ether, Etherian monsters don’t level up, players do.

Players gain experience through battles and attain higher levels, which allows them to hatch stronger types of Etherian.

The Astral type is the final type of Etherian there is, and only players of the highest levels can hatch these monsters.


Battling in World of Ether is how players gain experience and level up.

Each Etherian has a varying range of possible battle points and even if one has more battle points than another, the weaker Etherian will still have a chance of getting lucky and winning a battle.

Battling stronger Etherians will result in faster leveling.


Siring is one of the two ways in World of Ether that players earn ETH.

Players can Sire male Etherians for ETH or pay ETH to have another player’s male breed with a female.


Selling is the second way for players to earn ETH in World of Ether.

All Etherians can be sold on the marketplace for ETH.

Because World of Ether’s game mechanics are fully decentralized and free from market manipulation, laissez faire supply and demand dynamics become the pure judge of price and value.


Breeding and siring both have cooldown periods in which a certain amount of time has to elapse before the action can be performed again.

Cooldown periods increase in length as actions are performed more often. Nothing is infinite.

This prevents a flooding of Etherians of equal value in the marketplace.


Discovery is when a player hatches an Etherian species before any other player.

When a species is discovered, the discoverer gets permanently and publicly credited, and receives a gold version of that species.

New Etherians

Initially there will be 200 species of Etherian available for players to obtain.

Despite this, there still exists a slight chance of breeding an entirely new species. To maintain decentralization, new monster statistics will be randomly generated by our algorithm, with the WoE team only providing artwork and lore.

World of Ether is large and diverse; and there will always be more to explore and discover.

The Egg Presale

On 1/15/18, World of Ether began preselling Etherian eggs on (requires MetaMask or Toshi).

The first egg was 0 ETH and each egg sold causes the price of the next egg to increase by 0.00035 ETH.

Presale Incentives

When the full version of World of Ether is released, eggs will increase in price by 15% to encourage new buyers to use the marketplace.

The egg presale buyers will be hatching and breeding the first Etherians to populate this marketplace. New players are incentivized to purchase from here as the monsters are expected to be more affordable. Presale monsters only will start with one less breeding cooldown in order to make breeding more rapid.

In addition to this, by being the first players in the world, presale buyers are most likely to discover new species and receive Gold monsters. Presale eggs also have a higher chance of containing uncommon and rare monsters.

Open Sourced

While the above reveals many of our game mechanics, it does not show the nuances, the hidden features, or the Easter eggs.

All smart contracts will be open sourced upon launch of the main game, which means that players will be able to learn all of our intricacies by dissecting the innermost workings of this universe.

More Details

Though the smart contracts will show the entirety of this universe’s laws and rules, as we near launch of the main game, we will be adding details and releasing a more comprehensive game guide, so that nobody is left in the dark.

We still treasure the days when every Nintendo game came out with of those “Official Guide” booklets.

A Love of Gaming

World of Ether is created by a group of people who are all zealous gamers.

We’ve been playing video games our entire lives and each of us have a love of many different franchises.

With World of Ether, we want to create something that’s as good as the games in our fondest memories. We want every aspect of this project to be a work of painstaking art.

In addition to creating a lucrative, fun, and rewarding system for players to earn ETH, we also want to create a universe that is incredibly immersive and engaging.

Every aspect of this project, even this blog post, is being and will continue to be created with only the utmost love and respect.

Who We Are

From the start, we wanted to make it known that we’re willing to put our reputations on the line with this project.

You can learn about all of us on our team page.

In short though, we’re a bunch of long time gamers who also happen to love decentralization and the possibilities that this concept brings to society.

We have the biggest Blockchain meetup group in the world, and we’re incredibly active in the space.

We’re all very experienced at our crafts, whether that’s programming, marketing, design, etc. and we still constantly seek to further our knowledge.


We are frequently appearing in YouTube videos and in articles, and have several announcements to make over the coming weeks. Awareness is not something that will be neglected.

Additionally, for anybody interested, we also have a simple-to-use affiliate program with which referrers can get a unique affiliate link and make $100 each time they sell an egg. To learn more about this program click here.

A Global Game

World of Ether is currently available in English, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, and French.

These languages can be accessed with the language dropdown in the top right of each page.

This is a gaming experience that we want everybody to have access to, no matter what language somebody speaks. Upon release of the main game, these current languages, and more, will be supported.

Post Launch

Our work adding features will hardly be complete when the “full version” is released.

In addition to adding languages, we will be adding Etherian metrics, graphs, and analytics in order to make super informed and smart purchasing and pricing decisions.

Additionally, we will be creating different ways to access the universe. This could range from a mobile application to a VR experience.

You’ll also see custom fan artwork, more lore, and creative works that will continue to keep players immersed in this world.

Join Us

Thanks so much for reading through all this and checking out the universe we’re hard at work creating!

If you have a few seconds, it’d mean the world to us if you gave us some claps and shares.

We’d also love for you to join us on Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and, of course, the World of Ether website.

And if you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

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