xETH has been live for almost 3 weeks now and we are beyond excited with the progress so far and the community support.

Now with the launch out of the way, the team is focused on delivering on our roadmap. This article will recap everything that’s happened since our launch, and share a preview of what’s to come:

New Website

The new xETH website is now live at http://xeth.finance/ ! We received feedback that our old 1-pager website looked too basic, so we rebranded the website to display this project in a more professional light.

Liquidity Incentives

Due to the low presale hardcap of only 335 ETH, and using half of that liquidity for the xETH/COM pool, we ran into some liquidity issues on Uniswap. Our short-term solution was to sell the COM via OTC to Community members, and use that ETH to add liquidity to the xETH pool. …


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