X-Margin is live today, enabling derivatives trading across multiple counterparties, while automating settlement, increasing capital efficiency, and all while you maintain custody of your assets at a provider you trust.

This is the first time in finance, not just in crypto, that tech is being used to disintermediate central clearing. X-Margin challenges the central clearing model by providing a technological solution that delivers traders equivalent utility and increased flexibility at a lower cost. Zero knowledge technology essentially acts like a verifiable and secure ‘black box’, allowing traders to have one pool of collateral for trades across multiple trading venues.


Disintermediation is the removal of the middleman between a buyer and seller of a transaction, or between the source and recipient of information.

Decentralization is the process by which the activities of an organization, particularly those regarding planning and decision making, are distributed or delegated away from a central, authoritative location.

So much of the disruption in the last 20 years has revolved around an attempt to topple down bloated, inefficient central intermediaries. From the days of going to your local travel agent to book your next vacation, to the likes of booking.com, evolving to search engines that take you…

Why would ‘zero knowledge’ ever be a good thing? Surely it’s better to know things than not? This was my reaction when I first heard some unfortunate soul first try to explain the basis of Zero Knowledge technology to me (Ivan Goldensohn, thank you). Anyway, thankfully, I heard what he had to say, and that conversation sowed the seeds for the next year of building and developing technology that has the potential to change the way derivatives are traded and cleared.

What do we mean when talking about Zero Knowledge Computing?

[Data scientists and cryptography experts, please forgive my inferior…


World’s first distributed clearing house. Uses Zero Knowledge tech to clear and cross-margin across OTC and exchanges, without a central counterparty

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