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Will smart cities have drone deliveries?

You’re waiting patiently for the latest tech gadget you ordered online as a gift for your partner’s birthday, until you get the email that it’s shipped. Suddenly, you get to track its movement, every check-in at facility, and even see an estimate for when it will happily be placed on your doorstep. You can’t wait.

Suddenly, you realize that the ETA has come and gone. No package. You check your email, and the package has been stuck in a facility three states away for FIVE DAYS. What is happening?! Your partner’s birthday is in two days, so you buy another gift as a back up. You angrily email support, and they apologize, and ask you to wait. You wait another week, but it seems like the package has been lost in the mail. They apologize again, and send out a new package. …


XY — The Persistent Company

Our Mission: Create software & location-data driven devices to build a global data network focused on a human’s relationship to the world!

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