Many developers tend to be ironic about HTML and CSS. Like, it is very easy and anyone can handle it. I agree, these languages are pretty simple to learn and understand, but I can tell from my experience, that 90% of developers would do a poor job on building a responsive website layout. There is a reason for that: they usually don’t care about visual stuff much. The primary goal of most developers is to make things work. Most often, it doesn’t really matter to them if the color of icon is slightly different, or margins are not pixel-perfect.

There’s no one to blame for that, cause everyone is trying to do their job. It’s natural for designer to defend every pixel, and it’s also normal and understandable if the developer did not notice that the background was actually not pure white, but a little #FEFEFE. …

Про контекст, постановку и понимание задачи.

Если вы дизайнер, то, скорее всего, вы сталкивались с формулировкой «сделай пожалуйста одну картинку», после которой шло краткое пояснение сути. Неточно поставленное ТЗ может вызвать много проблем. Давайте разберемся, какие вопросы стоит задать, чтобы выполнить задачу максимально хорошо.

Очень важно точно понимать, для чего именно вы собираетесь создать дизайн. Для соцсетей, сайта, печатной продукции, или презентации? В этой истории я не буду говорить о концепции и стиле, хочу разобрать именно тему контекста. Чтобы проиллюстрировать примеры, я возьму абстрактную ситуацию: ваш друг фотограф попросил помочь с анонсом мероприятия, где он будет участвовать. …

This story will be especially useful for beginners, but all designers can keep these tips in mind, regardless of experience.

This story is less about design trends and fashion, and more about foundational design principles, which are often forgotten. Here is a list of principles to help to improve your designs.

1. Typography

It would be good to start with the statement that you shouldn’t use more than 2 fonts, as well as their multiple styles, in one project, but I believe that this has become too obvious, and I hope that everyone follows this principle anyways. Let’s talk about more specific matters.

Uppercase Tracking.

Each time you use text that consists entirely of capital letters, don’t forget to set up letter spacing. …


Anna Sh

Product Designer and Frontend Developer in Chicago

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