What I’ve learned so far.

Six months ago, we got shelter-in-place orders for the state of California. And, like a lot of you, I made some changes. I wrote more letters; wrote more in general; signed up for a great many more classes, and checked in with people more often.

I also adopted a new-to-me budgeting system that I hoped would finally cure me of my fear of my own money. The fact that it was invented by Japan’s first female journalist was a pretty big selling point.

I’m six months in now, and I wanted to tell you all how it’s going for me.

Easy Wins

First of all, I’m still at it.



Author: Not a Self-Help Book: The Misadventures of Marty Wu, and Pin Ups (9/20). ShelterBox Response Team member. Columnist @The Writer mag. TheGooddirt.org

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