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Recently, I co-founded a startup, Critiq, with two other people. For the past one year, I have been engineering, marketing, and managing and I have learned a lot. Here is what I have to tell you.

The Idea

The moment when you come to realization about an idea is critical. Whatever it…

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Recently, Facebook — a leader in virtual reality systems — teased a video of a virtual reality headset emulating a new work-from-home experience. In the 8 second long video, Facebook showed off their vision for how people could work from home using technologies such as Oculus and Passthrough. …

The world’s most advanced infrastructure provisioning system.

What is Terraform? You may have heard of this service countless of times as the one stop shop for all enterprise infrastructure provisioning systems. Is it a cloud infrastructure manager? Maybe it’s a cloud provisioning API? You are about to learn all you…

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A cloud compute instance is one of the best ways to get access to high-end software without having to expend large amounts of money for tangible hardware. Services such as Amazon’s EC2 and Google’s Cloud Compute Engine offer durable and sought-after features to make your programming as swift as possible…

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A new way to interact with your garden.

Note: Before reading this article, I suggest you read my first article linked here to get more background knowledge on this topic.

Imagine relaxing on a lawn chair outside in your garden while an artificial intelligence system waters your garden. Furthermore, imagine…

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Smart irrigation systems are popping up everywhere! Farmers are using cutting edge technology to save time and expense on the ranch. Homeowners are using smart irrigation controllers to save on their monthly water bill. These systems can save you as much as 10,000 gallons of water annually should you install…

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