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Both objects and arrays are considered “special” in JavaScript. Objects represent a special data type that is mutable and can be used to store a collection of data (rather than just a single value). Arrays are a special type of variable that is also mutable and can also be used to store a list of values. So what exactly is the difference between objects and arrays, when do you use which, and how to do work with each of them?


When to Use Objects
Objects are used to represent a “thing” in your code. That could be a person, a car, a building, a book, a character in a game — basically anything that is made up or can be defined by a set of characteristics. …

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Welcome to Web Dev 101 🙌

Welcome to Web Dev 101! I’m stoked to have you here and I’m grateful you’ve decided to start your web development journey with me. This course is designed for complete beginners who have never written a line of code, or for people who have dabbled with some basic coding, but haven’t made much progress.

Ready to take the first step toward improving your web development skills? Great! Let’s get started.

How It Works

Web Dev Basics aims to strike a balance between self-led learning, interactive tutorials, group engagement, and 1-on-1 feedback. This course runs for 4 weeks, with new core web development concepts and techniques introduced each week. …

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Nearly every project built for the web relies on Hypertext Markup Language, or HTML, as its foundation. HTML is the standard markup language for all websites and web apps, and, when paired with CSS and JavaScript, make up the fundamental technologies of the web as we know it.

If we think of a website or web application as a physical building, HTML would represent the frame and other structural components that give that building shape and support.

When HTML is combined with content — text, images, video, etc. — browsers are able interpret and render our web pages to users.

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Think of HTML as the structural foundation of the web | Photo by Dakota Roos on Unsplash

Below we’ll take a look at the building blocks of HTML (tags, elements, attributes, etc.), …


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