If Bitmain opposes Segwit because of ASICBoost, why did they agree to the Hong Kong Roundtable? (Activating Segwit before a block size increase)

  1. The source of the chat log

While the cryptocurrency community’s attention was focused on the Bitcoin scaling debate, a mysterious new Litecoin developer, shaolinfry, appeared on the scene. Shaolinfry appears to be deeply familiar with Segwit, and in a short amount of time helped the rest of the LTC development team to finish writing their Segwit implementation. Once he had secured the title of “Litecoin developer,” he switched his focus to Bitcoin, proposing the “user activated soft fork” (UASF). After launching his campaign for UASF on Bitcoin, he did the same for Litecoin and piggybacked on the reputation of Charlie Lee to push for the UASF there, too.

Our wishes have always been simple and clear-cut: Segwit and a block size increase, as agreed to in the Hong Kong Roundtable agreement. Fortunately there was not the same opposition towards increasing the block size among the Litecoin community, and we were able to come to a consensus much more peacefully: Litecoin Global Roundtable Resolution. This agreement was closely modeled on Bitcoin’s Hong Kong agreement, with Segwit activation first followed by a block size increase. This fully demonstrates that the broader community is not opposed to the Hong Kong agreement, so I do not understand why Bitcoin Core has been consistently against the agreement that they already signed.

This is going to have a direct impact on Bitcoin’s adoption of Segwit soft-fork. Very clear precedence […]

Both sides of the debate have been represented in the discussion of Segwit on Litecoin: Core dispatched shaolinfry, and the big block camp organized the “Litecoin Global Roundtable.” Fortunately, without Bitcoin Core’s stubborn opposition to a block size increase, the Litecoin community was able to easily come to an agreement on their own version of Bitcoin’s Hong Kong agreement.



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