My name is Zuva, and I am a freelance writer and editor. I am also the founder and EiC of

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I’ve been meaning to create this page for over a year, but life has been hectic.

Hey there!

🖖🏾 My name is .

📍I'm from the United Kingdom. Currently I'm based in South Africa while I complete my Bachelor of Arts in Film, Media and Gender Studies.

💻 I…

If you think the “dismantling” of the white LGBTQ+ community is going to be the end of white supremacy, then you haven’t been paying attention to the acts of conservatives in your respective countries

I know and appreciate that not everyone can set aside 19 minutes of their day to read something on a topic they’ve already made their mind on. Therefore, I am writing this as an updated excerpt of a much
I wrote on the topic. Though much of the…

Instead of attacking neoliberalism he blames the commodification of social justice movements on… transgender people?

Dave Chappelle in his Netflix special The Closer. Photograph: Mathieu Bitton/Netflix

I did not want to watch this special. To Doja Cat, “I’m a freak, not a masochist”. I don’t enjoy watching things that I know will piss me off and with a life that is hard enough, why would I choose to introduce suffering willingly into it? However as…

An excerpt of my piece on the intersections of mental health, gender, sexuality and culture on the Black-British experience

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NB: I wrote this a while back for a contest. Though I did not place, I am sad that I forgot to post it. Much like everyone else, the first couple months of the pandemic were a lot. Since then I have found myself lost in trying to catch up…

Zuva Seven

EiC of An Injustice! | Occasional journalist | Aspiring graduate | Future screenwriter | Always open to commissions so let’s work together→

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