Some like it hot, but some like it healthy too

Studying biomechanics over the last couple of years, I’ve come to realise that a lot of clothing women are culturally conditioned to wear restrict healthy biological functions of the body and contribute to common ailments. …

April is the foot health awareness month, so I thought I’d tell you the story of my feet.

9 years ago I worked in a law office, sat most of the day drafting contracts and went for intense workout afterwards. One day, without a warning the big toe on my…

A different view on strengthening the body — no gym membership required

More time I spend learning about the body more I wonder: do we really need core strengthening to make us stronger? We might be trying to solve a wrong problem, blaming everything on “the core” as some powerful…

What makes meditation different from sitting still and doing nothing

Meditation is not just an Eastern esoteric practice. In one form or another and under different names it has been around for centuries in both East and West. It has been practised by monks, mystics and intellectuals alike — from…

About yoga and poetry

Yesterday I stumbled upon a dazzling quote of Roberto Bolaño “In poetry, you become infinitely small without disappearing.”And it reminded me how much I miss writing poems and that feeling of standing on the edge of unknown and leaving your self behind as you jump in.

Ivana Demmel

Mum, maker, mover and researcher. MSc in Exercise Science/Biomechanics. Passionate about ageing and women’s health.

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