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A Plane Ticket Away
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We want to here your stories, adventures, advice, and business

W e are inviting and encouraging writers from medium.com to submit their stories to our magazine, A Plane Ticket Away. A Plane Ticket Away shares dream vacations, travel hacks memories and advice. It also features travel companies’ exotic tours and services. Here you can meet new writers, and become one yourself!

Here’s how to be apart of it:

T o submit your story to A Plane Ticket Away or to become a staff writer for the magazine you must have a Medium account. You do not need a paid membership to get an account — you can simply just sign up with your email.

If you already have Medium, you can just submit your story to the publication. We want to get as many people involved as possible, so we are avoiding rules and requirements. One thing we ask is that your article includes pictures and photos, and is relevant to our theme.


Does my story have to be from my drafts?

No! You can submit a story that is already on your page. :)

How long does it take for my story to get published?

Our goal is to publish submitted stories within 24 to 48 hours! We will update if anything changes.

Do you edit our stories?

We do not edit or change any stories; however, we will scan them over for grammar. If there are any major grammar issues, we will let you know by email, so you can fix it.

Can I become a writer for the publication?

Yes, we want you to be a writer!

Email us travelli.company@gmail.com if you have any questions! We can’t wait to see your stories :)



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A Plane Ticket Away

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