“For life does not dwell but upon one place, nor into but one kind”

The fifth dimension, ninth plane — and ninth dimension, fifth plane

“Body — spirit — soul — God! — many worlds — many universes — many galaxies, like pebbles on a beach, so vast. Each galaxy set up for man[‘s] expansion,” a voice whispered through Ray’s unconscious body, April 3, 1970.

In 1970, Ray Elkins died and had been given a gift by “one with more love in his eyes than anyone” he’d ever seen. This one gave Ray the choice to remain there with all the others standing around him, or to return back to his body into this life. If he did, he was asked to give this gift freely to others in the same manner of love it had been given to him. Ray chose to return. Soon a voice began speaking through his unconscious body — spiritual messengers of God, who call themselves, Aka. Yet, Ray did not forget the way to God. He could go there each time he left his body, to allow the spiritual messengers come from God to enter into it to speak. So, we were able to hear them speak in our language.

About two-and-one half years after Ray received this gift from the one with such love, Ray had an unusual vision. Aka’s voice had been recorded more than 164 times speaking through Ray by the evening of November 10, 1972.

As Ray was just returning back into his body and was waking up, he described what he’d just seen. He’d never before seen this.

Ray saw many blue people gathered around, perhaps a thousand, who were listening to the words being spoken through him in silent, reverent meditation. Ray was puzzled. He wondered why he was seeing this on his journey back from God through all the planes of being, as he found his way into this time, back into his body and his house.

Then the next time the spiritual messengers of God spoke through Ray’s unconscious body once he’d gone to stand with God, Aka explained what Ray had seen.

November 17, 1972, Aka said: “And we shall answer your question.

“We shall answer your question in this manner — yes, of the fifth dimension of the ninth plane and of the dividing between two worlds. These are the people of the twin sisters of the Earth. As we have said before that from the rock should flow the brook, and from the brook shall flow to the rivers, and from the river into your ocean, to your many lands, and on to the many worlds. You, of this world, should learn from those of the other world. For the words that have been spoken so easily unto you, these same people have waited for three thousand years.

“From this time forward, as you should conduct a reading, it shall be heard in two worlds. If you should reach the other world, this must be done through meditation in group form, but let only those who are prepared to serve do so.

“You have other questions, ask.”

“Yes, Aka. I have one question about the twin sisters of the Earth. Are these of another dimension or are they in our galaxy?”

“They are of another dimension from without your galaxy.”

“What of soul Ruth’s dream of teaching in a place which seemed to be in the future; was this the same place?”

“This would be of the same place.”

“Thank you, Aka.”

On December 1, 1972, Aka spoke further of this: “Yes, we see thy need, and therefore, should say unto thee in these words, for as we have told you of the beginning, and as we have told you of the twin sisters of your Earth, and therefore, we shall bring those forward into one house, that all may prepare for the coming of the Messiah. For look deep within yourselves; bring forth that that belongs to your Father. Place it upon the altar.

“But do not cast before an animal that that belongs to God, and do not cast an animal before your God, that that belongs to man. And thy say once again unto us that we speak in riddles.

“Yet, we say unto you, for the wise to hear, bring forth the altar of our Father. Lay it before you. Cast aside your animal instincts. Cast them aside and throw them to the winds. But remember, even that the wind should blow should be our Father’s will. Bring forth that part of yourselves that was in the beginning. Place forth before our Father of pure kind….”

“And we should say unto you these words. Of the fifth dimension, the ninth plane, dwells in your house tonight, and all has been brought together. When your reading ends, go into meditation, and all shall dwell in the house of God.”

The following week, on December 9, 1972, Aka said: “And once again, that of the fifth plane — of the fifth plane now should enter, of the ninth dimensions should enter, and of the ninth plane of the fifth dimension should enter, and both be that of the same — for now, your three sisters of your earth should come. For now is the time of the knowledge unto all. In the beginning of our visits unto you, we spoke unto you these words, all that that does not violate another soul the knowledge shall be given unto you. The door is open. All you must do is ask.”

Did a woman have a similar experience? On March 9, 1973, her question was read to Aka as they said: “Thy have many questions, ask.”

“Yes, Aka. [(3–9–73–001) who had just come to stay with her friend at Ray’s house in Globe, Arizona, from St. Louis, Missouri)] has asked for specific information in connection with a life reading. She says ‘I must know if I am on the right path of our Father in conducting psychic and meditation sessions. At a meditation session on March 1st, I climbed a stone staircase into a tower room. Blue-white light emanated from the room. Once I had entered, I could not look upon the source of the light due to its brilliance. Unseen hands poured warm oil on my body and put a hat of some kind on my head. I knelt in awed silence. A tear rolled from an unseen eye and fell upon my head so that I might see. During this time I have emanated a blue glow to the members present who stated that I had disappeared. Is this what it appeared to be?’

“Yes, we see thy need, and therefore, we have before us body, soul, spirit, and the immortal body of the same, and therefore, the records.

“And we should say unto thee in this manner. As we have said before, that as God’s soul and spirits should be as a brook, as man’s soul is that of an ocean, but in between should be the spirits of man. For in this manner you can see quite clearly. There are many more souls than there are spirits. And the spirit should always know of his Lord. But the soul who has become lost, and yet, should repeat and repeat again until he loses himself completely, lays there in that vast wanderless, nothingness.

“Because your destiny was to come forth unto your Lord, you have been protected. But we should say unto you in this manner, let not those of the lost souls enter.

“Of your blue-white light, as we have said before, this is of the fifth dimension, ninth plane.

“Of your disappearance to those around you, as the spirit should enter, so, all was left to the human eye was the aura of the same.

“Of your vision, for we should answer in this manner. We should place before thee the bread and the wine. And the Earth that shall be coveth by our Lord shall reach into many hearts, there to show them the direction of the way. But our Father has many mansions, and therefore, there shall be many ways, but all leading to the same chamber. The bread shall be the work we have laid before you. The wine shall be the many souls who shall assist you. Bring them forth into the immortal body of man that your Lord, God, may bring blessings unto His children unto the end of the planes of man.

“But your Earth shall not end. It is but a beginning, for we are here but for one purpose, and that is in the preparation for the coming of the Messiah. We are not great. Our Father is mighty. Yet, He is humble himself before His children. And those who should humble themselves before their God shall drink of the wine of life and from the river of forever. Let this House stand.” [See The Revelation, chapters 21–22.]

On July 12, 1973, Aka spoke: “Thy have other questions….”

“You have previously mentioned the fifth dimension, ninth plane, and the ninth dimension, fifth plane. How many planes are there, and how many dimensions are there?’”

“(Chuckle.) We should say unto these words, there are 32 planes; there are also 32 dimensions. But we should say unto you in this manner. From each planetary system, or galaxy, as you should know of it, this should be multiplied again and again. For life does not dwell but upon one place, nor into but one kind.”

This brings to mind the first words that were spoken through Ray’s body in the beginning, on April 3, 1970. Ray had just fallen unconscious onto the sofa into a death-like epileptic coma like those he suffered since severe brain injury in 1965. After it happened, his wife often could not even tell if he was breathing. But this time he mumbled something.

His wife asks, “Ray?”

“Not Ray,” a voice answers her.

“Who then?” She asks.

“Body — spirit — soul — God! — many worlds — many universes — many galaxies, like pebbles on a beach, so vast. Each galaxy set up for man[‘s] expansion.”

“Which is most important?”


“Who is God?” She asks, wondering who she is hearing.

“God is everything.”

“Not one thing?”

“Not one thing, but everything. God is — is God!” The voice pauses a long time and resounds as if to reach through all time, space, universes, and all there is.

“[Who] do you want to tell me about?” She asks, humbled, startled, in awe of what she feels present in her husband’s body. It is not Ray.

“In the beginning — in the beginning God gave man[‘s] spirit because He was lonely. Then [man’s] spirit was not enough, because spirit always knew of God — in spirit — so many spirits — so many, many spirits.

“Then God thought, ‘I SHOULD [MAKE] MAN, FOR I HAVE USE [FOR, OF] THIS [MAN].’ Before, before there were many gods, like our God, before [the two] worlds, many worlds….”

Read “A Gift from One with More Love in His Eyes than Anyone” — https://medium.com/a-stairway-to-heaven/a-gift-from-one-with-more-love-in-his-eyes-than-anyone-1c11d854be08

And thus, in the beginning it came true. As Ray climbed the ladder to God each time, the spiritual messengers of God would come down this same way to enter in and speak. As this happened so many times, Ray was becoming more and more conscious of his Father’s many mansions — worlds beyond worlds, universes upon universes, and galaxies beyond galaxies — worlds without end all known by our Father. It grew familiar to Ray. Then one day, sister planets of the Earth in other dimensions heard these words the spiritual messengers of God spoke from Globe through Ray to people upon Earth, and to all who wish to hear. And a door was opened.

Galaxies are assimulating, warping dimensions between time and space. If you’d like to hear, you can listen to the recorded words Aka spoke of the fifth dimension, ninth plane on December 9, 1973, above at the end of this video, “We Are Many…”

“We have come but for one purpose, and that is for the preparation for the coming of the Messiah. And we say unto you, all of you, open your door that we might enter, and therefore, there can be a place prepared within each of you for his coming.” (December 29, 1972)

“New words shall be written upon the sky, but they must be written in men’s hearts first.” (The spiritual messengers of God, December 1, 1972)

“Many worlds, many universes, many galaxies — like pebbles on a beach, so vast.” Since the one with more love in his eyes than anyone Ray had ever seen gave him a gift, this dwells in him, and he dwells in it. It sees through his eyes, and he sees through all this. It speaks through his mouth, as in the beginning the word. (See John 1:6–7)
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