Chroma for Hue 3.0

Aaron Ng
Aaron Ng
Dec 26, 2017 · 2 min read

Note: Chroma is no longer in the Mac App Store for compatibility reasons. This post is up just for archival purposes. It may come back in the future, but not for a while. In the meantime– I recommend using Apple’s HomeKit.

“The best way to manage Hue lights from macOS”
– User xadammr, Mac App Store

Chroma is the best Philips Hue controller for macOS. Manage your groups, access your scenes, and quickly control lights with a menubar helper. You can find Chroma here in the Mac App Store.

Chroma for Hue 3.0 was the #2 Product of The Day on ProductHunt for 12/29/17. Thanks for your support everyone!

Chroma is a Philips Hue controller for macOS I originally released in 2014. It needed a compatibility update for macOS’ High Sierra update, so I took some time over the holidays and added some new features too. Check out the notes, and feel free to let me know what you think at @aaronykng on Twitter.

What’s new in Chroma 3.0:

High Sierra Compatibility

  • Chroma is now fully compatible with High Sierra.

Scenes Support

  • You can now access your scenes from the color picker by default.
  • Create new scenes by going to the ‘Add Menu’ in the bottom left.

Zigbee Support

  • Now supports Zigbee lights linked to a Hue bridge.

Tip Jar

  • I’ve added a tip jar in the about menu for anyone that’d like to continue supporting development!

Misc. Update Notes

  • Animation fixes and small improvements.
  • Updated to the new Hue SDK.
Groups & Menubar
Color Picker

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