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Tracker is an iPhone app and Apple Watch app for logging your mood or energy levels throughout the day. Meditating, trying a new supplement stack, working out, or changing your regimen? Use Tracker to record your improvement, mood, and gather data for experimentation data over time.

Over Thanksgiving weekend I pushed an update to Tracker (formerly known as Logger). You can find it here, in the iOS App Store.

Tracker was originally made to log my subjective energy levels during an experiment where I was tracking my blood glucose levels with a wireless sensor I attached to my arm. You can read more about the project here.

Some photos of the sensor.

Tracker was pretty bare bones: you’d get a push every hour and use a notification action to log how you were feeling (awful, bad, neutral, good, great). The app would record the date and time- and you could then export all of this as JSON to process however you’d like. All of this was pretty specialized for what I’d needed for my own experiment.

Tracker 2.0
Watch App

I have an update for Tracker that hopefully makes it a bit more useful for anyone that’d like to use this to record how they feel, or for experiments of their own.

What’s New

  1. Records are now associated with a color for easier readability.
  2. Days now have averaged colors to represent overall sentiment.
  3. The energy level names are now fully customizable, so you can change these to suit your needs even if you aren’t logging energy levels.
  4. The push hour count is now customizable, so you don’t get bombarded with push notifications.
  5. You can now share out individual entries, or the average of a day by tapping a cell.
  6. iMessage Stickers
  7. An Apple Watch app, and quick launch complications.

I hope you’ll give Tracker a try if you’d like a better record of how you feel, or if you need a way log something during experiments. You can find it here, in the iOS App Store.



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