Aave Ecosystem Grants

David Truong
Apr 2, 2020 · 3 min read

Update (8 July 2020): Since this blog post, we’ve evaluated 30+ projects and awarded many with grants. For more details, including how to apply for Round 2, see: https://medium.com/aave/aave-ecosystem-grants-round-2-33e7ffed7933

Original post below…

Today we’re announcing the launch of the Aave Ecosystem Grants: Round 1.

Since the mainnet launch of Aave Protocol in January, we’ve seen an explosion of growth in the total market size of Aave (~$38M), the amount of developers building on top of the protocol, and the number of integrations with dApps and wallets.

We want to continue and encourage this growth in the Aave Ecosystem, supporting individuals, entrepreneurs, and teams of all sizes, where a relatively small grant can help them #BUIDL.

Grant details

Grants will range in size between 500 aDai to 5,000 aDai and will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

— The status and progress of the team’s MVP (or previous projects).
— The execution capability of the team (or individual).
— The extent and use of Aave Protocol features.
— The benefit the project provides to Aave ecosystem participants (e.g. lenders, borrowers, LEND holders, etc).
— Potential for the project’s longevity and /or business viability.
— The efficiency of the capital / grant usage.

Grants will be awarded on a rolling basis and may involve milestone based payments.

Besides the details already mentioned, there are no strings attached. Your code and IP remains yours.

How to apply

We aim to make this process as quick and painless as possible, so you can continue focusing on #BUIDLing your project.

To apply for a grant, send a short email to david@aave.com with the following details:

  1. Names and links of your team members (e.g. twitter/linkedIn/etc).

We will get back to you within 14 days of receiving your email to either request more information, or give you a decision on your grant application.

What we’re looking for

This is quite an open-ended grant program, so as long as your project contributes to the Aave ecosystem or helps Aave ecosystem participants in some way, you can apply.

For example, helping lenders and borrowers become more informed of their positions, utilising flash loans, or contributing to the growth of a lending pool could all qualify.

Previous grant recipients include ArbitrageDAO, AaveWatch, and Collateral Swap (from yours truly).

Ready to start building?

Check out our new developer documentation and join the #grants and #developer channel on our Discord.

We’re excited to see what you come up with!

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