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A Thousand Dreams Part 1: Origins & Destiny


A year ago Adamus Saint-Germain made the project A Thousand Dreams visible at the Shoud and offered me an interview that ended up being DreamWorlds; here is the journey into dreams that we now offer.

Dreams which are not understood are like letters which are not opened.

~ Talmud


A Brief History of Dreams

Imagine a reality where we can move freely between one dream world and the next — including this one.

Imagine a world where we all clearly understand what dreams are and how they inform our lives.

Imagine a time when people regularly use dreams to transform their otherwise fated human reality.

These ancient skills are not new, and in fact, they are coming back in a whole new way.

In Egypt, Greece, Rome and so many other cultures in the world dream incubation was performed with the purpose of healing, retrieving lost parts of the soul, and receiving guidance. Not only were dreams professionally sought after in the more than 300 dreaming temples in and around The Mediterranean, but they were also bought and sold.

“Entering one of these temples, you are not searching for medicine, you are looking for a dream.”[i]

Photo by Josh Stewart on Unsplash

But the sacred nature of dreams, at one time recognized in every corner of the world, was progressively misunderstood, especially in Western civilization.

Dreams were considered God-given and decisive in epic Sumerian battles, and a survival tool and way of life for so many of the ancient civilizations and tribes. However, in Greece, Plato stated that dreams spoke of repressed desires and Aristotle said that dreams served no purpose.[ii]

Christianity essentially wiped out the ancient dream temple culture, and dream interpretation was refocused through the lens of the Bible.

Photo by Raimond Klavins on Unsplash

In the Middle Ages, Martin Luther went as far as saying that the devil was responsible for dreams and therefore divine messages should only be received through the church.

“Even after the Renaissance dreams were treated as unremarkable by-products of psychological disturbances or bad digestion that possessed no real value.’”[iii]

The thing that really buried the sacred nature of dreams was Freud’s claim that all dreams are forms of wish fulfillment, generated by our repressed conflicts and desires accumulated throughout life. To him, dreams are simply our unconscious mind’s attempts to resolve these past conflicts.

And then, for the first time ever, dreams became secular.

Atlantean Dreams

But of course, the history of dreams did not begin at the Fertile Crescent, it began well before there was even a mind. In Ancestral Freedom Adamus stated that back in Atlantis we had two lives: the human, 3D, physical life and extremely active dream lives.

“Dreams were different back then, they didn´t dream of themselves in human bodies, they dreamed of themselves as the light body, they dreamed of their spiritual families because there was still a very, very strong connection, they dreamed of other realities and they dreamed of what you would call the future, they dreamed and are dreaming right now of right now.”

“But the important thing is they didn´t have the differentiation, they called it two lives, two realities that they lived in, which is very important cause there was still such a connection with the spiritual families, with the angelic families.”[iv]

In The Dream Multiverses I said that the dream worlds are the real version of the fake metaverses, the difference being that in the dream worlds we can integrate, and in the fake metaverses, we disintegrate. Because of this, dreams are truly a path to enlightenment. Dreams are of the Soul, not of the mind; and just as in Atlantis, at some point soon we will be able to move freely within the dream worlds –including this one.

Would there be poverty, lack, illnesses, or war if every human remembered that we can bring anything we need or want from dreams? Certainly not.


A Thousand Dreams

A Thousand Dreams is a portal for dreamers around the world. As of now, it is divided into two parts: a. the conceptual framework/offerings and b. the platform/app.


The Conceptual Framework/Offerings

We currently offer The Dreamer Quiz, The Dreaming Landscapes, The Dreaming Profiles, and The Essential Dreaming Workshop. The conceptual framework is also comprised of the information we share on “About Dreams” ­–a section at the footer of our website– and the blog here on Medium, which illustrates this unique approach to dreams. The aforementioned materials are ordered so that you may explore them consecutively.

All of these came about naturally. Since June last year, I wanted to create a dreamer quiz, as a lead generator. I tried different approaches for crossing variables, but when researching the relationship of the different cultures to dreams for The Essential Dreaming Workshop, it just hit me.

The lands that we visit in the ethereal form are the ones we visit when dreamwalking the dead, an exploration that was not only done by Adamus on DreamWalker Death but at the workshops my colleague and friend Pilar –a Mexican Master, superb channeler, and healer– and myself organized for our consciousness project La Nueva Tierra (The New Earth), which we worked on for ten years.

There we explored “The Realms of the Earth,” including the Angelic Realms, the Devic Realms, the Consciousness Realms, The Realms of the Mind, and others. As the dreaming territories are infinite, every culture connects to its own collective realities in these realms, the ethereal lands that I now call The Dreaming Landscapes.

The rest –or the beginning– was my dreaming experience. A total of 11 dreaming landscapes on four different times comprise the model, and each one of them is a unique ecosystem, with particular rules.

The Dreaming Profiles, on the other hand, are formed by intersecting the dreaming landscapes we visit in dreams with what we do in those territories and how we access them. This is how I finally built The Dreamer Quiz, a tool that will help you identify the type of dreamer you are and hopefully will also help you derive more meaning from your dreams.

Naturally, The Essential Dreaming Workshop explains in detail the history of dreams, The Dreamer Quiz, The Dreaming Landscapes, The Dreaming Profiles and so much more. The content is sprinkled with references to movies and pop culture, making it lighthearted and fun. It is being presented in person by a team of Master Dreamers and we will make it accessible online, in the near future.


The Platform/App

Fall in love with your dreaming potential when A Thousand Dreams releases the app to document, analyze data and share dreams with the world. It will also be an easy-to-access reservoir of dreams and a place to connect with fellow dreamers.

Being a heavy dreamer myself, I believe that we dreamers need and deserve a tool that makes dream documentation effortless, dream management easy, data analysis meaningful, sharing joyful, and the research of dreams inspiring.

I also believe that we dreamers have the duty to share some of our dreams, the ones we know were meant for others to hear. It is much like when the Aboriginal Australians and other indigenous groups gather in the morning to share their dreaming adventures because they know how valuable they are.

Typically, the documentation of dreams is time-consuming and if using ordinary desktop tools cumbersome; the analysis of data in those dreams, relating one dream to another, and building stories over time is not easy. Even if you are persistent enough and manage to gain insights, keeping the findings to yourself is not that much fun.

That is why, at A Thousand Dreams we will enhance the value of dreams by connecting them to the right listener. Dream Alerts is, so far, my favorite feature because it will let you know when someone uploads a dream similar to your present or past dreams. How cool is that?!

There will also be the opportunity to showcase dreams that present the most inspiring future potentials or that have the best application for society at large. And technology will help us fulfill our dreams for the app: speech-to-text converter, translator, GPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformers), Generative AI, and who knows what next.

Note that A Thousand Dreams’ app is not for interpreting dreams, but our conceptual framework/offerings are meant to be tools that help you understand your own dreams and own your dreaming domains.


A New Temple of Dreams

Why is this project so relevant? Because along with the app, maps, and archetypes are mental models that help us anchor dreams in this physical world. Their fleeting nature will finally be attuned and grounded, bridging the gap between realms, thus helping us realize the magnificent creators we are.

As the two components of the project progressively integrate — the conceptual framework/offerings and the platform/app — in the future we will be able to do a second project called Dream Cartography, a very cool idea that is appropriate for a younger generation of dreamers, too. There we can all be the cartographers of our own dreaming domains!


Heaven’s Cross & Dreams

To say that the past year has been intense is an understatement. The experience has so many layers that I am preparing three different articles for this launch: this one, The Calling, and The Mountain, which I will publish consecutively.

In the three articles, I speak about the role of Shaumbra in this endeavor. I believe that humanity needs to know our dreams, for they are the template of the dreams that can be dreamt. If Shaumbra upload our beautiful dreams to the platform, infusing our consciousness into the project, the vibrational core of this reservoir of elite dreams will be magnificent.

Interestingly, when A Thousand Dreams was announced last year, Heaven’s Cross was not on the horizon, but it makes so much sense that we have crossed that threshold now. I believe that millions, if not billions of people, will now be dreaming more intensely and they will want to understand what dreams are and how to derive meaning from them.

Also, many more landscapes will be added to the model as now we can visit territories that were unavailable before. What an adventure.


The Launch

With nothing more than passion in my heart, a year ago, I decided that we place a counter on the website signaling that this project was going to be launched on July 26, 2023. It is the Maya New Year, you see, the beginning of a new cycle, the perfect day.

For the platform/app to be operational, we still have a couple of stretches to go, but I am proud of what we have accomplished and what we are presenting to you today.

To be very clear, I am talking about the new website (July 26, 2023), The Dreamer Quiz (July 26, 2023), The Dreaming Landscapes (August 4, 2023), The Dreaming Profiles (August 4, 2023), The Essential Dreaming Workshop (August 11, 2023), the App’s Prototype (July 26, 2023), and the Demo Video of the navigation journey (July 26, 2023) which now shows a very clear picture of the essence of the app. Yes, we would be delighted if you helped us test every aspect of it so that together we can build a tool that truly adds value to our dreamers’ lives.

We will be working on making everything increasingly accessible in different forms. In the meantime, let me share the vision: I imagine a world where the sacred nature of dreams is reinstated, in a world that has already redefined what sacredness is.

I imagine a time when a new understanding of dreams can help make the experience on Earth more enjoyable, and magical, and the path to our deeper selves easier. There will be no suffering, no wars, or hardships when we remember that we can bring anything we need or want from dreams.

And now, we invite you to discover our world of dreams at

“Someone who is not in touch with their dreams is not in touch with their soul.”[v] ~ Iroquois Proverb



Brand Identity & Graphic Design: Ana Belén Ortiz /México

Prototype Design: Clara Longo / Argentina

Proofreading: Nancy Niklis / Canada

Olivia M. Zenteno [Aberdeem] is a branding and business strategist. Along with her team, she is launching A Thousand Dreams, a platform for dreamers to document, analyze data, and share dreams with the world.

Thank You
A special thank you note to all those who have kindly supported me in this endeavor; it is invaluable!

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