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A Thousand Dreams Part 1: Origins & Destiny


A year ago Adamus Saint-Germain made the project A Thousand Dreams visible at the Shoud and offered me an interview that ended up being DreamWorlds; here is the journey into dreams that we now offer.

Dreams which are not understood are like letters which are not opened.

~ Talmud


A Brief History of Dreams

Imagine a reality where we can move freely between one dream world and the next — including this one.

Imagine a world where we all clearly understand what dreams are and how they inform our lives.

Imagine a time when people regularly use dreams to transform their otherwise fated human reality.

These ancient skills are not new, and in fact, they are coming back in a whole new way.

In Egypt, Greece, Rome and so many other cultures in the world dream incubation was performed with the purpose of healing, retrieving lost parts of the soul, and receiving guidance. Not only were dreams professionally sought after in the more than 300 dreaming temples in and around The Mediterranean, but they were also bought and sold.

“Entering one of these temples, you are not searching for medicine, you are looking for a dream.”[i]

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But the sacred nature of dreams, at one time recognized in every corner of the world, was progressively misunderstood, especially in Western civilization.

Dreams were considered God-given and decisive in epic Sumerian battles, and a survival tool and way of life for so many of the ancient civilizations and tribes. However, in Greece, Plato stated that dreams spoke of repressed desires and Aristotle said that dreams served no purpose.[ii]

Christianity essentially wiped out the ancient dream temple culture, and dream interpretation was refocused through the lens of the Bible.

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In the Middle Ages, Martin Luther went as far as saying that the devil was responsible for dreams and therefore divine messages should…


A journey into conscious dreaming. More than 20 years of documented dreams and counting.