Chapter 1: Bricktopians

Alex is Building
Abnormal Studios


Do you feel that the NFT space is crowded with derivatives, cheap knockoffs, cash grabs and unoriginal ideas?

So do we.

That’s why we started Abnormal Studios.

So that our holders can have NFTs that they can be proud of.

We build everything from the ground up so that it is impossible to replicate, cinema grade quality and something that you will never see again.

How do we do that?

Every time we want to build something, we start by asking ourselves:

“What is the highest quality, and hardest thing that we can build?”

“What seems impossible?”

And we build it.

This is the graph that guides our decision making:

First, we developed Bricktopians…

To prove that it is possible to create a 3D collection, where every single NFT in the 10,000 collection is animated and moving in its own unique way.

Why don’t you see more NFTs that look and behave like this?

Well to understand that, first you need to understand how most NFTs are made.

Almost every NFT that you know and love is made through layering.

Where a number of layers are pre-selected and shuffled amongst each other, creating an entire collection almost instantly.

With Bricktopians, we did things a little bit differently.

Every single Bricktopian that you see is born one at a time by a supercomputer.

Each Bricktopian is so complex to simulate, that if we were to generate them on a laptop, it would take over 10 years to produce the entire collection of 10,000 NFTs.

Instead, we worked with engineers to create an army of supercomputers, all stitched together, working in harmony (like those used by NASA to simulate physics in the universe).

With the most GPU power that you could possibly throw at a collection of art, it still took over 5 weeks of pure physics simulations and rendering to complete the collection of 10,000 NFTs.

This is a feat that will never be replicated, and ensures that all our holders have an NFT that is unique and that they can be truly proud of.

So why do I tell this story?

Well, if you’re new here.

We’re here to build the impossible for you, and create value for our holders.

Bricktopians is just the beginning. It is our genesis piece, and the future creations of Abnormal Studios will be accessed through owning a Bricktopian.

All utility that we build into Bricktopians is engineered to reduce supply, making them rarer over time (1,500 burnt from the collection so far, more on that in later chapters).

If you are joining us at this part of the journey, you’ve come at the right time. While others have been chasing hype, we have been building.

The Bricktopian is the hero of our story. We’re here to build the impossible, create value for our holders and our next wave of creations are right around the corner.

Are you ready?

You can get yours here, and then join us for where we are going in Chapter 2.