Chapter 2: Brain Boot

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3 min readSep 13, 2022


(If you missed Chapter 1, start here)

Bricktopians are the beginning.

But Chapter 2 is how we disrupt a billion dollar industry, and reward our holders while we do it.

Here’s how.

It’s time to introduce the artist behind all of the works of Abnormal Studios — Law Degree

@Law Degree 📜

Law has been the artist behind some of the world’s biggest cultural figures, including Kanye, Virgil Abloh, Young Thug, Lamelo Ball and many more.

2 years ago, Law started his journey to make the world’s first algorithmically generated sneaker that’s wearable in both the digital and physical world.

The Brain Boot:

A wearable 3D printed sneaker, that starts life as an NFT and is a blank canvas for adaptation in the physical and digital world.

There’s a key part in the above sentence that could be easily missed. 3D printed.

Why does that matter?

It means that we can create a product for the physical world that aligns perfectly with the NFT collector mindset.

  • 1 of 1 sneakers
  • Sneakers that match the art of the NFT that they are represented by
  • Limited release pairs launched in collaboration with other cultural figures, artists & NFT projects.

We’re not the only ones who see the potential in the NFT sneaker market.

Nike dived right in and in 2021 made a $1 billion bet on RTFKT, a move that generated almost $200 million in its first year.

The demand is there, and Nike has lead this NFT sneaker-driven market with zero competition.

But why should Nike get to have all the fun?

Why don’t we see more NFT projects jump into this market to create value for their holders?

The answer. It’s really f*cking hard to make sneakers.

And that’s where we saw the opportunity to make something that is unique for our holders, and true to the spirit of Abnormal Studios.

So how does the Brain Boot work?

The shoe is sold as an NFT, and you burn it to redeem the physical sneaker.

As more holders burn to redeem Brain Boots, the NFT gets rarer.

And this is all accessed through owning a Bricktopian NFT

Brain Boot whitelisted access and a 30% discount are accessed through owning a Bricktopian NFT. Only a small group of Brain Boots will be available at public sale.

A limited number of Brain Boots will also be available for purchase by burning a Bricktopian NFT.

This enables us to use the Brain Boot as a vehicle to create scarcity in Bricktopians.

With Bricktopians currently sitting at a lower price than the Brain Boot, this means that some buyers can currently take advantage of an arbitrage in the price difference.

The future of digital fashion is right in front of us. Nike is on it, and now you can be too.

Buy a Bricktopian, and then meet me back here for what comes in Chapter 3.