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Hello everyone, Shamar M here. How are you? I cannot hear your response, but if you did respond in your head or vocally then I hope it was a positive one.

We are well into the New Year now and I hope everyone had a good celebration. Did you take some time out for yourself? Have you stuck to any of your New Year resolutions or are you waiting for 2025?

Since the start of 2024, About Me Stories has been becoming increasingly popular. Our statistics are currently at:

661 visitors on average per 30 days.

31,004 views per 30 days.

32,824 minutes read per 30 days.

A few months ago, I applied for our publication to have boosting powers but unfortunately, I’ve not had an outcome yet. Fingers and toes crossed we are accepted!

Every publication has a set of rules you need to read before you publish. Just as a reminder, here are our general publication guidelines:

  1. Please have an image.
  2. Please have a subtitle.
  3. Make sure the image has a caption! This is the most common reason I’m not publishing work.
  4. Download Grammarly and edit your work before it comes to us. I’m a nice editor, so if I see that Grammarly has picked up on grammatical errors, I will amend them. However, not every editor (regardless of publication) is so nice and will publish your work with multiple errors.
  5. We do not accept stories that have swearing in them.
  6. Please add ‘About Me’ as a tag to your story. If you do not have this there, we will remove a random one and add it in.
  7. Make sure you add all 5 tags, this only benefits your story. If you do not have all 5 tags, I will add ones I feel are relevant.

Here are the topics we are accepting:

  • Memoirs. Stories from the authors that reflect on their lives as well as personal accounts, experiences, and observations. Think of memoirs as an expanded introduction story about you. Tag: Self
  • Relationships. Relationships are built between many people, but at the center of each of your personal relationships is you. We’re looking for personal stories that look deep into your relationships with others, whether it be your family or your partner, and how they impact you. Tag: Relationship
  • Life Lessons. What is so amazing about each individual on this planet is that no life journey will ever be the same. That’s what makes us individually unique. We want stories that talk about specific moments in your lives and what lessons you learned from them. Tag: Life Lessons
  • Self-love. Self-love is defined as a “state of appreciation for oneself.” Practicing self-love doesn’t come naturally: it comes when we accept everything about ourselves. This includes flaws, shortcomings, and weaknesses, but also strengths, accomplishments, and our purpose. Submit stories that highlight how you practiced self-love. Tag: Self-love
  • Mental Health. It can be hard to talk to yourself objectively. I treat myself differently than how I treat my friends and family. We’re looking for prompts where you are writing a letter to yourself. Some ideas include writing a letter or story to yourself to help guide you on a bad day. Or write a letter to yourself, forgiving yourself for an experience that brought you a lot of guilt or shame. Another idea is to write a letter to yourself as if you are a friend, offering comfort and words of advice. Tag: Mental Health



Shamar M
About Me Stories

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