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5 min readJan 23, 2023


About Me — Taylor Quinzi

Recently in the past year, I have picked up two new hobbies I never imagined myself in. I started reading. When I was younger, I hated reading, but now as an adult, after I pick up a book, I never put it down! How I have a whole bookshelf and a kindle paperwhite (thanks to my boyfriend). Outside of reading, I enjoy crocheting even though it is expensive and time-consuming!

About Me — Alec Zaffiro

I occasionally meditate, but I don’t have a regular practice. Same goes for yoga, rock climbing, and running. These things come and go like seasons. At the end of the day, I am a social creature, so I do like to have fun. I can be quite competitive and sociable when I want. :-) I love to shoot pool. I like cold beer. I can hacky sack well (although no one is ever as good as me). I like standup, watch NFL, and play Rocket League.

About Me — Joan Gershman

Lemons into Lemonade — When my beloved husband of 36 years developed Alzheimer’s Disease in 2006, our entire world imploded. I could not find a support group anywhere to help with the unique issues that Alzheimer’s Disease presents to a marriage. So, taking the line from the movie, Field of Dreams — “Build it and they will come”, I built it and they came. I developed and wrote for my own website — www.thealzheimerspouse.com.

About Me — Rewritten

Inside, she sits in the warm cozy light of the swinging chandelier in the rustic living room of the house she had moved into eight months earlier and had caulked to keep the bugs out. Her back is arched, thoughts swirling in a matrix like superhuman holding crystals in suspension, her penmanship poised, extended.. about to,


About Me — Saankhya Mondal

My name is Saankhya. I’m originally from Nashik, India, and reside in Bengaluru, India. I was born in 1997. My mother tongue is Bengali. I’m a Data Scientist by profession. I develop Machine Learning solutions for various use cases in industries. I had completed my B. Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur, India, and later, finished my M. Tech in Artificial Intelligence from Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, India.

About Me — Rick Cochrane

We moved to a mini-home in Eastern Passage and my life took the best turn yet. I met many new friends, though some made me a bit of a troublemaker. This was one of those neighbourhoods where you could let your kids run free and everyone would play outside until sunset, completely covered in sweat and mosquito bites. I went to a good suburban school and rarely got into trouble and had a really good upbringing in this area. Unfortunately, our home got taken over by mold which landed me in the hospital with asthma problems at eight years old. Things also became too expensive around the end of 2008 so we moved back to Dartmouth where I reside now.

About Me — Avinash (Nash) Saravanan

I completed my Bachelor’s at The University of Michigan Ann Arbor. During this time, I started out as a business major before switching to Computer Science as a major and minoring in the Japanese language. I think this time was relatively formative as it helped me understand the direction I wished to enter in terms of a career and I met a lot of interesting people in the process.

About Me — Suzanne B.

Writing my first satirical piece was an exercise in letting go of my own fear. I actually didn’t even realize I had so much of it until I spent three hours worrying that someone might be offended by the phrase “platonic, interfaith mermaid/space frog relationship.”

Now, I’m worried about it all over again.

About Me — Bella Smith

I embarked on a journey to create a publication that would not only inform and educate but also inspire and uplift. That’s how the idea for Psych2News was born. I wanted to showcase the stories of real people from all walks of life, who have overcome challenges, achieved great things, and made a positive impact on the world around them. With every story I publish, I hope to bring a little bit of light, inspiration, and information.

About Me — Cassandra Wulff

“It’s also an indication that you’ll be good at science and math,” the palm reader added.

I’m not. Ironically, science and math both make my head hurt. Instead, I like words. I could ponder about that for quite a while but now is not the time. I give a noncommittal nod. Are you supposed to tell a psychic when they are way off track?



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