Start a ‘Metaverse Asset Building’ Business in Your Earth DAO using Pylons

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Water (H20) Pylon resource planted on Your Earth DAO’s land

Your Earth DAO will be releasing its NFT utility assets called “Pylons.” These NFT assets will provide numerous opportunities for those looking to conduct business in the metaverse. Pylons are designed to mine NFT meta-resources in Your Earth DAO’s Square of land. Early Pylon owners will have a first-mover advantage in meeting the enormous demand for meta-resources, particularly in the early stages of Your Earth DAO’s digital economy. Interested in being a Pylon-based asset creator? Continue reading here.

What is a Pylon?

A Pylon is a utility NFT asset that will be available on the DAPPX NFT marketplace or on Opensea and is designed to produce raw materials or meta-resources such as functional vehicles, buildings, wearables, etc. required for the creation of objects or infrastructure in the Your Earth DAO ecosystem. It was developed by the Acent blockchain technology — the base system of Your Earth DAO. Each meta-resource is unique and can be traded on the platform through the ACE cryptocurrency.

When a Pylon intended to mine a particular resource is purchased and planted on a square of land in the Your Earth DAO, it immediately begins mining a specific meta-resource. For example, a Pylon like Ironium can mine a metallic meta-resource needed to create a metaverse asset like a car.

There are several types of Pylon, each producing different types of meta-resource or raw material (though more will be added soon). Among these are:

  • Ironium (In) — examples of assets requiring Ironium in the Your Earth DAO metaverse would be identical to objects that require metallic resources to assemble, such as vehicles, starships, and levitating structures.
Ironium (In) Pylon
  • Star Dust (SD) this meta-resource is needed to build digital assets that require silica, such as sand, crystals, or glass. Examples of assets that would require Star Dust resources would include windows, mirrors, wall glass, and other fixtures. It can also be mixed with the other meta-resources produced by other Pylons to make digital assets requiring glass.
Star Dust (SD) Pylon
  • Water (H2O) — includes any type of water or liquid meta-resources that could be used in creating pools, ponds, falls, or any bodies of water in a square of land. This meta-resource can also be used in conjunction with the other Pylon resources requiring liquid to produce a certain digital asset. Example of this is a brick (Water + Cementium) or steel (Water + Ironium).
Water (H20) Pylon
  • Cementium (Ce) this resource is similar to cement in the real world, which is required to create primary raw materials such as bricks that are used for cement roads, houses, buildings, and other infrastructure construction.
Cementium (Ce) Pylon
  • Momentium (Mo) — this meta-resource is a boosting substance that expedites the production of your ongoing construction projects inside the Your Earth DAO metaverse.
Momentium (Mo) Pylon
  • Dark Matter (DM)- this meta-resource will produce a virtual energy or gas that is needed to power automobiles such as digital cars or trains, as well as other transportation media in the metaverse, such as rocket ships or planes.
Dark Matter (DM) Pylon

Each of the resources listed above has the following six (6) different grades, ranging from Common to Legendary, with each grade representing a different resource mining capacity:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Unique
  • Epic
  • Legendary

Details of the mining capacity of each kind of Pylon grade will be released soon.

What are the benefits of owning a Pylon?

There are three (3) major benefits to owning a Pylon:

1.Meta-resources mined using Pylon can be used to create, design, or build any object that can be thought of inside the Your Earth DAO metaverse

For instance, Cementium combined with Water can be used to make bricks that the user could use to create a building or apartment in the metaverse.

2. Pylon-created objects can be sold in the NFT marketplace

Pylons are NFT-based digital objects. This means that digital assets derived from Pylon’s meta-resource can be minted with a smart contract. Any NFT digital asset in the platform can be sold on the Your Earth DAO NFT Marketplace or exported to another NFT Marketplace by its owner. For example, using meta-resources like Ironium, Water, and Dark Matter, one can create an NFT car. This NFT car can be sold within the platform or exported to another NFT marketplace to sell and earn revenue from it.

3. Users can profit from the Pylon by selling their mined meta-resources

Since Pylons are limited and cannot be replicated by anyone, there will only be a few asset creators supplying the meta-resources. With the expected demand for developing the digital economy of Your Earth DAO, the asset creators can command a price for their meta-resources.

Pylons are available in a limited number at OpenSea and DAPPX marketplace, so it is important to have it early on in the platform. The resources mined through the deployment of Pylons within the Your Earth DAO metaverse can be either traded back into ACE cryptocurrencies or utilized to create meta-assets.

Take note that a Square of land in Your Earth DAO can only have one Pylon planted. If a user wishes to plant more than one, they must have an additional square of land to accommodate an additional Pylon.

Pylon-mined resources, or mined raw materials, can be sold and bought in the form of ACE cryptocurrency (ARC-20).

How do you calculate the amount of resources needed for building a digital asset?

Below is an example of how to quantify the meta-resources needed for each item:

Digital Asset #1: Vehicle — Size 22 Cubic meter (m3) car


22 cubic meters of Car needs [2 Ace/ 3 Ironium/5 H2O] per cubic meter (m3) of space

The total meta-resources needed by the car are:

= {(Required Ace x Total Cubic Meter) + (Required Ironium x Total Cubic Meter) + (Required H2O x Total Cubic Meter)}

= {(2 x 22) Ace + (3 x 22) Ironium + (5 x 22) H2O}

= 44 ACE + 66 Ironium + 110 H2O

Digital Asset #2: Building — Size 40 Cubic Meter (m3) building


The required resources per cubic meter (m3) of a building are [5 Ace/9 Ironium/8 Cementium].

The total number of resources required by the building is:

= {(Required ACE x Total Cubic Meter) + (Required Ironium x Total Cubic Meter) + (Required Cementium xTotal Cubic Meter)}

= {(5 x 40) ACE + (9 x 40) Ironium + (8 x 40) Cementium}

= 200 ACE + 360 Ironium + 320 H2O

Keep in mind that all of the resources will be calculated automatically within the minting procedure of the Your Earth DAO metaverse service. If the asset creator’s wallet contains no meta-resources, everything can be zapped and charged with ACE cryptocurrency.


Zapping is a procedure where the crypto wallet of a user connected to Your Earth DAO will fetch the best price for each resource required, so that the user will only have to pay the total balance of the resources in ACE cryptocurrency

An example of computation in zapping is as follows:

From the above sample, 22 Cubic Meter of car requires: 44 ACE + 66 Ironium + 110 H2O

Hypothetical conversion:

1 Ironium = 0.5 ACE

1 H20 = 0.2 ACE


44 ACE + (66 Ironium * 0.5ACE) + (110 H20 * 0.2 ACE)

= 44 ACE + 33 ACE + 22 ACE

= 99 ACE

This zapping calculation shows that users who would like to create digital assets such as a car but were not able to obtain a certain Pylon early in the game to mine a specific meta-resource, can still create digital assets by paying the equivalent value of the meta-resources needed using the ACE cryptocurrency. This will be automatically computed in the built-in Osiris metawallet of the Your Earth DAO meta-service.

Summary and final thoughts

Users of the Your Earth DAO metaverse would have several exciting ways to profit from the platform. They can obtain digital assets either by direct purchase or by becoming an asset creator using meta-resources that can be traded on the internal and external NFT marketplace.

With the ACE cryptocurrency, Your Earth DAO users may acquire meta-resources through:

  • purchasing meta-resources that are listed on the Your Earth DAO NFT Marketplace;
  • purchasing Pylon on Opensea or DAPPX Marketplace to be planted on the user’s square of land and allowing it to mine a particular meta-resource; or
  • acquiring meta-resources required for a certain digital asset through the “Zapping” system. The built-in Osiris metawallet will automatically calculate the necessary resources needed for a certain digital asset so that users can readily purchase them at a certain market price.

Another important aspect is that the ACE cryptocurrency will provide the user with voting power, which they can use to decide on issues affecting the platform’s governance.

With a bit of creativity, strategy, and participation in the decentralized decision-making inside the platform, users could earn a lot of ACE cryptocurrency inside the platform with their Pylons. It is expected that the first batch of asset creators will lay the foundation for a flourishing digital economy inside the Your Earth DAO.

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