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Start a ‘Metaverse Asset Building’ Business in Your Earth DAO using Pylons

Water (H20) Pylon resource planted on Your Earth DAO’s land

What is a Pylon?

  • Ironium (In) — examples of assets requiring Ironium in the Your Earth DAO metaverse would be identical to objects that require metallic resources to assemble, such as vehicles, starships, and levitating structures.
Ironium (In) Pylon
  • Star Dust (SD) this meta-resource is needed to build digital assets that require silica, such as sand, crystals, or glass. Examples of assets that would require Star Dust resources would include windows, mirrors, wall glass, and other fixtures. It can also be mixed with the other meta-resources produced by other Pylons to make digital assets requiring glass.
Star Dust (SD) Pylon
  • Water (H2O) — includes any type of water or liquid meta-resources that could be used in creating pools, ponds, falls, or any bodies of water in a square of land. This meta-resource can also be used in conjunction with the other Pylon resources requiring liquid to produce a certain digital asset. Example of this is a brick (Water + Cementium) or steel (Water + Ironium).
Water (H20) Pylon
  • Cementium (Ce) this resource is similar to cement in the real world, which is required to create primary raw materials such as bricks that are used for cement roads, houses, buildings, and other infrastructure construction.
Cementium (Ce) Pylon
  • Momentium (Mo) — this meta-resource is a boosting substance that expedites the production of your ongoing construction projects inside the Your Earth DAO metaverse.
Momentium (Mo) Pylon
  • Dark Matter (DM)- this meta-resource will produce a virtual energy or gas that is needed to power automobiles such as digital cars or trains, as well as other transportation media in the metaverse, such as rocket ships or planes.
Dark Matter (DM) Pylon
  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Unique
  • Epic
  • Legendary

What are the benefits of owning a Pylon?

How do you calculate the amount of resources needed for building a digital asset?

  • purchasing meta-resources that are listed on the Your Earth DAO NFT Marketplace;
  • purchasing Pylon on Opensea or DAPPX Marketplace to be planted on the user’s square of land and allowing it to mine a particular meta-resource; or
  • acquiring meta-resources required for a certain digital asset through the “Zapping” system. The built-in Osiris metawallet will automatically calculate the necessary resources needed for a certain digital asset so that users can readily purchase them at a certain market price.



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