Agave Development Update #4

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4 min readMay 1, 2021


23–30 April, 2021

Previous Agave Weekly Updates: #1, #2, #3

This week in Agave land:

1.) Staking rewards of 500 AGVE distributed over 6 months

2.) Funding for bounties for community work on the project

3.) Refunding GreenHornet’s supply of 50HNY he provided for use in the retribution payouts

The votes received great support from the community and the 5% quorum was reached in about 24h

  • 20 Uncommon NFTs were presented for the community to vote on, as part of the NFT contest organized by the Agave DAO. Below, the most voted ones.
  • There will be a further production of NFTs (Rare and Legendary ones), which have a further deadline as these require animation. Everyone is welcome to join the contest. (#nft channel on the Agave Discord)
  • Dao Rush Week: On Friday 30th April, at 9:30 PM UTC / 5:30 PM ET Agave participated in the #4 Dao Rush Week, an Open House event to present DAOs in an informal setting.

It has been a great success, receiving great warmth from the community. During this event we revealed some very interesting news.

DAO Rush week is back and AgaveDAO is ready! More than just an XDAI fork of Aave, Agave is a community that has come together to build a lending and borrowing platform affordable to the average user. The Agave protocol is built by the community and is funded and controlled by the Agave DAO.

The dream is big and the road is long, but we are excited to share our progress so far and where we are headed next. So come celebrate with us and find out how you can help make the dream come true on Friday, April 30, 2021, @ 21:30 UTC (2:30 pm PST, 5:30 pm EST, 11:30 pm CET)

  • We have been working on a few strategic NFT integrations with projects willing to provide utility: Although nothing is set in stone, currently we are in touch with XGT, COLD, RARE, UNIFTY.
  • We had a meeting with the Stake team, discussing different strategies — Validators, Marketing, bootstrapping Stake on the Agave Platform, and much more -. More updates to come in the next weeks
  • To improve the user-experience, we are working with Alpha Wallet to implement an xDai NFT display. Furthermore, since this week, ERC-1155 tokens are visible on Blockscout. (Check the Official Tweet)
  • We are also busy improving both our Twitter account — giving a rotating admin-role to different trusted contributors — and our landing page.
  • We added stats-tracking to Discord and Telegram and thinking of a pollen-implementation to reward contributors and active members of the community.

Project Development Status

  • The long-awaited result from the audit run by Chainsulting came, and we are glad to announce that we received a pass!

Now, our plan is to deploy the Agave platform with a simple frontend on rinkeby for community testing shortly after. We are establishing a test net bug bounty system we will be publishing to encourage participation in the testing process. Contracts will be deployed only after testing is complete. After contracts are deployed we will be working on an improved frontend.

  • The subgraph is now computing successfully; There is still work to be done to adapt it to non-mainnet oracles.
  • The front-end has had some infrastructure work done over the last week, mostly to clean it up and to make it more modular. Furthermore, we’ve started building the UX for staking.
  • We are finalizing the drip contract and the staking contract. We can give a quite certain estimate that staking will be live next Monday.
  • For the development team, we’re looking for:
  1. Typescript-focused devs + (Optional) Redux + (Optional) Web3
  2. Subgraph Developers
  3. Web3 / Dapp focused devs primarily experienced in contract interactions (Typescript experience optional)
  • We are also looking for technical/creative writers to help edit/write docs and to help run/assist our Social Medium Platforms

Useful Links:

Agave’s Potential Roadmap: Potential Roadmap

Agave Discord: Agave Discord 1

1Hive Discord: 1Hive Discord — 1Hive — Agave Channel

Telegram: 1