What is the Level of your Tech Start-up? Part 3/3. Software Business vs Technical Architecture

This article is a part of a Series “What is the Level of your Tech Start-up?”. It consists of three Articles, aimed to define and describe two main Viewpoints when creating new Tech Company: Technical and Business, and how they combine together.


Although the name suggests applying this Approach to Start-ups, it can be used by existing companies, which have been operating in the field for a long time. It’s great to use this Vision when searching for new development opportunities.

The Series itself contains the following Articles, which are recommended to read in the provided order (as it usually goes with tech teams — from technology to business):

Initially, it was decided to share the Insights related specifically to how the Software Technical Architecture Layers intersect with the Marketing/ Sales Opportunities, which developed applications should have. But later on, it became clear that the entire topic shall be split into smaller chunks, making it easier to perceive, going step by step.

The Software Technical Architecture Layers presented in the first Article are inspired by Domain-driven Development (DDD), Clean Architecture and Hexagonal Architecture.

The Software Business Architecture Layers were identified in an analogous way following the same common principles (“coupling and cohesion”) — they are described in detail in the second Article.

But for sure the most interesting results come in this last third combined Part.

The Article doesn’t really have any links to external sources or references as the vision provided here is a completely new thing concluded from the Software Technical Architecture when looking at the Software from the Business Point of View. (Though I admit I might be not the first in the world who invented this, so if you saw something similar to this, please share.)

Software Business vs Technical Architecture, AIFORSE Edition


The provided Software Business vs Technical Architecture Diagram, AIFORSE Edition, unambiguously combines two main approaches in identifying Software Solution: top-down (business) and bottom-up (technical), providing the clean guide to identify the correct development path for your Software Company.

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