Alice for Children commits to adopt AidCoin for the next fundraising campaign

While the tech development is in full swing and we are nearing the release of the AIDChain platform Beta scheduled for the end of March, we still have many other crucial activities going on.

For instance, a part of our team is focused on on-boarding new charities as their support is one of the core conditions for making AidCoin a success. And while we are still in negotiations with some international charity funds that are exploring our technology and thinking on how to better approach it, we have already developed some partnerships that we can officially announce now, so here is one.

As many of you might remember, it was just a few weeks ago that we organized a workshop for top charities explaining how AidCoin is poised to disrupt the non-profit sector. From then on we have gotten in contact with many charities that were inspired by our vision at the workshop and wanted to adopt the AidCoin technology. And our new official partner, Alice for Children, is one of them.

Alice for Children is developed by Twins International, an Italian private Onlus association which works in Africa. Its main goal is to support especially distressed and vulnerable childhood in Kenya, giving more and more orphans the opportunity to have a high-quality education. It also guarantees medical assistance and makes women’s voice heard, in order to claim for their right to equality, which is too often denied in developing countries like Kenya. Currently they support about 2,500 orphans in Nairobi’s slums and in the rural area of Rombo, at Kilimanjaro’s slopes.

Diego Masi, President of Alice for Children, with AidCoin co-founders Manuela Ravalli and Francesco Nazari Fusetti in our office in Milan

An encouraging aspect of this story is that actually Alice for Children was not able to attend our workshop in Milan but its President, Diego Masi, tuned into the AidCoin concept so much that he personally visited our office in Milan to share his desire to cooperate. Turned out that he is as enthusiastic to see how blockchain and crypto will reshape the charity sector as we are! He is totally willing to take an active part in this transformation process. That’s why from now on Alice for Children will use AidCoin to transparently show its use of donations for its projects in Kenya.

“As a president of a charity fund with a 10-year track record, I can state with certainty that the non-profit sector is undergoing a crisis of trust and cryptocurrencies and blockchain can, and should, become a remedy. Our donors are encouraged to see us moving in the direction of radical transparency for the use of their funds and we are happy that AidCoin makes it possible.” — Diego Masi, the President of Alice for Children

Moreover, another promising note is that the seemingly under-developed Kenya together with some other African countries is quite advanced in terms of digital payment adoption, which sets the stage for a faster AidCoin dissemination among many other charities with operations in this part of the World. So let’s keep an eye on this and we are all thrilled to start this journey with such a great partner and cause!

Take a quick look at the Roadmap to see where AidCoin stands right now.

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