We all won! CanYa to donate $26,000 with AidCoin

Thanks to the tremendous support of the AidCoin community, we won the CanYa contest leaving all of our competitors far behind and receiving the $26,000 worth of CAN for the fundraising campaign that will be launched in summer!

As you might remember, recently we’ve announced the contest which our potential partner, CanYa, set up in order to choose where to donate $26,000 worth of their tokens (100,000 CAN), which were allocated to charity from the very outset as per their Whitepaper. Recently, such practice of giving back to the community has been getting wide-spread across successful ICOs and we see this trend as a great opportunity for AidCoin to get involved.

Thanks to all of you who participated, we got the vast majority of votes and overtook the competitors, including the world-renown Ethereum Foundation. This denotes that the problem AidCoin is solving and how it’s solving it indeed elicits response from a wide audience and stands out from other fundraisers’ conventional approaches. Thanks to your help, CanYa has become one of the first official participants to donate such a generous amount to the massive fundraising campaign that will be launched in the next months in favour of a major charity fund. In future, we expect more and more ICOs to follow CanYa’s example.

And now, as promised, we are announcing the 5 random AidCoin supporters among whom we will distribute the $5,000 worth of AID:

1) @mayankmak 
2) @maxximoGwent
3) @crypto_ten4
4) @hamsterofDeath
5) @shug350

This list will be further posted on our English, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Telegram groups and the Announcement channel in order to make sure we find all the winners and receive their wallet addresses to send them AID.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you all once again for your support in raising these funds for charity! We owe this victory to our community ❤️

P.S. More news about the fundraising campaign CanYa and other ICOs are going to participate will follow so stay tuned!

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