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AirGap Now Supports MetaMask Mobile

Currently, AirGap Vault is interoperable with three other solutions: MetaMask extension, Sparrow wallet, and Blue wallet. As part of our efforts to improve interoperability and add more options for the AirGap Vault, we are happy to say that MetaMask mobile can now be used with the Vault.

After announcing support for the MetaMask extension on February 15, 2022, we received lots of questions about whether or not we would also support the MetaMask mobile. Considering our user’s convenience, we had a couple of discussions with the MetaMask and KeyStone teams, and it was thanks to their efforts that this was all made possible.

It’s official, AirGap Vault now supports MetaMask mobile. From now on, you can link AirGap Vault to MetaMask mobile to perform the following transaction on Ethereum, BNB Chain, and every other EVM compatible chain:

  • Check your balance for all tokens
  • Sign transactions
  • To interact with decentralized applications
  • Buy, Sell, Mint, and burn collectibles NFTs
  • Sign messages

We’ve set up an easy-to-follow-through guide here on how to get started with this process.

Note: The guide above uses MetaMask extension but the same process can be reproduced for MetaMask mobile.

There are three simple steps involved:

  1. Download, Install and set up MetaMask mobile on your device.
  2. Connect AirGap Vault to MetaMask
  3. Perform a transaction

NOTE: We’ve tested the Vault MetaMask setup with Polygon, Avalanche, Celo, Moonriver, Fantom, Astar, Moonbean, and Fuse. The Vault works for these blockchains just as it does for BSC and Ethereum.

Download AirGap

AirGap Wallet
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AirGap Vault
📱 iOS — App Store
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