Tooltips, aggregated baking & endorsing rights — tezblock Update #14

The easy digestible update summary for the current state and progress of the tezblock development with the goal to include the community as much as possible along the way.

Pascal Brun
Jan 15 · 3 min read


The release of tezblock V1 is already in the past and news of last year, the new year already progressed quite a bit since the last update of tezblock. With v1.1 tezblock brings a lot of progress with the focus on usability and accessibility of data.

Changes and improvements

Additional features and other small changes are in store with this update to v1.1.

The main goal of tezblock is to provide users a better understanding of the Tezos protocol in an a simple manner. At the moment a certain domain knowledge has to be acquire to understand simple data points on a block explorer.

For example what is a “Baker” in the context of Tezos? We want to provide this information in short for all user understandable bites.

tezblock introduces tooltips with explanations. In a next step the missing tooltips will be added and a glossary will be compiled out of these tooltips. At that stage help from the community is needed to refine the wording.

Baking and Endorsing Rights are now aggregated for each cycle and can be drilled down to view the individual rights with their details. This is a major improvement to just listing the individual rights unfiltered in the table.

Number summarizing the Transactions, Activations and Originations of the last 7 days to get a better understanding of the values.

Additionally to the Baking Bad “Payout Accuracy” and the MyTezosBaker “Baking Efficiency” rating tezblock introduces the Tezos Nodes efficiency rating of the last 10 cycles.

Improvements & changes

Additionally to the features many small changes have been done.

  • Atomic wallet has been listed under Wallets Resources
  • search for block level is now possible
  • Endorsement Details have now deposits & rewards
  • Baker names and payout addresses have been added
  • Many more performance & stability improvements

Updates have been pushed to

The tezblock mainnet as well as the Babylonnet and Carthagenet deployment have been update.


As always we would like to hear your feedback. What features are the most important for you, have you found any issue? Please reach out to us on Telegram or Twitter.

Interested in a secure wallet solution for Tezos with delegation support? Take a look at AirGap.

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Your old smartphone is your new ‘hardware wallet’ Secure your various crypto assets with one secret on an offline device.

Pascal Brun

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Your old smartphone is your new ‘hardware wallet’ Secure your various crypto assets with one secret on an offline device.

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