The State of Plasma

We at are gearing up to be able to design and deploy plasma chains for our clients. part of the process is that we collect interesting links that help us (and hopefully others) to learn more about this technology.

This is the first collection. We plan to issue a new one every week.

What is Plasma?

Plasma can provide real scalability for ethereum applications. In other words:

Plasma is an application-specific sidechain protocol.


You can deploy your own blockchain, that is designed for your application. You can chose the consensus mechanism, the speed, the number of nodes, the features, pretty much everything.


Your chain will connect to Ethereum, inheriting its security and accountability. Your chain will be a sidechain.

This setup is the best of both worlds: From one part, it frees you from having to deal with securing your chain. For that, you can depend on the layer 1 chain.

From the other side, you can design your sidechain to match your needs.


Plasma is not an implementation. It’s a protocol, or a set of guidelines. As long as you follow the specifications, your sidechain will be plasma.


This weeks’ links. Since this is the first issue, we will list some older ones as well.

If you have any other interesting links or information, please contact me at or at @akomba on twitter.

Thank you