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PlasmaChain, GameChain, SocialChain: The Loom Network Universe Expounded


Before we dive in, let’s start with a little background…

To the end user, Zombie Battleground looks and feels like any other mobile game. The fact that the whole game takes place 100% on the blockchain is totally transparent to the end user.

Extreme Engineering: Blockchain Edition

Loom Network Is Now Running 3 Sidechains in Production

1. PlasmaChain: A Plasma Cash-backed Hub for Transacting Between Sidechains and Ethereum Mainnet

PlasmaChain: The Sidechain Formerly Known as ZombieChain.

As the central hub that acts as a bridge between multiple sidechains and Ethereum, PlasmaChain will be one of the most important pieces in our vision moving forward.

PlasmaChain: A Plasma Cash-backed Layer 2 hub that other sidechains can transact on more quickly and cheaply than Ethereum mainnet.

2. GameChain: A Highly-Performant Sidechain Optimized for Interactive Mobile Games

3. SocialChain: A Sidechain Optimized for Social Applications

The Loom Network Universe Is Slowly Taking Shape — And Expanding

The Blockchain Invaders Are Coming — And Games Will Be the Trojan Horse



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