Promotional SMS Services Is Essential for Insurance companies

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Promotional SMS services have been an acclaimed tool of the marketing schemes. Maximum sectors of industries have enjoyed the advantages by the prominent promotional SMS providers.

To increase customer engagement, insurance sector is yet to taste the benefits of bulk SMS marketing. From a vehicle to health, the insurance industry has become the prime necessity of anyone’s life.

Stats of the insurance sector

The year 2015 recorded $1.2 trillion net premiums from the US insurance sector. And, India has world’s largest insurance market in the world with 370 million policies.

Without any details of being a city or state, insurance sector can reap the benefits from bulk SMS marketing. There are multiple promotional SMS providers existing in the market. They have a big list of bulk SMS price for each industry.

It is easy to gain fresh customers with promotional bulk SMS plans. Let’s glance few possible scenarios, where insurance agencies can send promotional SMS:

- Notify your offers

- Promote the locations

- Share any new plans or schemes

- Advertise the interest benefits

Advantage from SMS marketing in the insurance industry

Promotional SMS provider can be a boon to the insurance sector. Due to high ROI rate, to send promotional SMS can be inexpensive as compared to other ways of marketing. Let’s see what all in SMS marketing can turn the tables for the insurance industry:

  • Stay connected:

To set connection in order to retain customers is easily done by sending updates. These updates can be text messages. You can reward customers with timely updates of offers. This can grow the bond and increase sales.

  • Policy progress:

Notifying your customer builds up a reliable link. Updates of policy status can be shared using SMS alerts.

  • Payment alerts:

Promotional SMS provider can release alerts related to the payment dues.

  • Survey campaign:

In order to know the status of the insurance market, promotional SMS can also run survey-based campaigns. To know the interest of the customers, analysis can be done over the questionnaire campaigns which can give a proper feedback. This can be simply done by using promotional bulk SMS campaign

As we know to bridge the communication gap, SMS marketing can be the best solution. Therefore, the insurance industry can certainly enjoy benefits by promotional SMS services in a number of ways.


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