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100 Latina Founders

Cecilia Corral
May 21, 2019 · 3 min read

It’s been a little over one year since I first published a list of 35 Latina tech founders who had raised more than $1 million in funding. People had been telling me for years that we simply did not exist so we couldn’t be funded, placed on panels, highlighted on female founder lists, etc. A few weeks after publishing my list last year it grew to 50.

Over the last year I have been on the lookout for any other Latina founders, and I found them through creative google searches, Twitter threads, and referrals. The most surprising part of all, they had been here all along!

I’ve learned a lot from gathering this data and I’d like to highlight a few insights:

  • The only recipe to success: love the problem you are solving. That’s it. I highly recommend the Latino Founder Hour podcast to learn more about how many of the founders have found their calling. I’ve been personally motivated by hearing these stories.

A special thank you to a number of these wonderful ladies for trusting me with their data and their stories. For those I was unable to get in touch with, I used publicly available information. A BIG thank you to everyone that referred someone else to the list.

Next milestone? Let’s get this list to 500!

All Raise

Accelerating the success of female founders and funders to…

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