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[Brief] New Sonnenkrieg Division Propaganda Shared on Fascist Forge

Over a month after the arrest of several members of Sonnenkrieg Division (SKD) — a British neo-Nazi organization — several new SKD propaganda images have been shared on Fascist Forge, a growing terroristic forum that bills itself as the new Iron March.

On December 28, RevenantSKD created a discussion thread on Fascist Forge titled “New Sonnenkrieg Propaganda” and uploaded the first of two pro-SKD images they purportedly created.

Image 1 contains this text:

Bring the system to its knees!

Become the adversary!

Note the Atomwaffen Division references on the head and side of the masked figure.

Seven days later on January 4, RevenantSKD posted the second image (their “latest work”) and asked for “suggestions for new ones.”

Image 2 text:

Terror is the only thing they understand

Of all the SKD propaganda recently shared on Fascist Forge, Images 1 and 2 are the only ones that refer to the Siege Culture website (

Interestingly, the second piece contains the image of a member of Combat 18 (C18), one of the most powerful neo-Nazi organizations in the UK in the 1990s. I am fairly certain that RevenantSKD’s C18 member is the same one seen here on the right (source):

The images are most likely the original work of RevenantSKD, who wrote in their December 31 introduction post that one of their skills is to “make propaganda.”

Here is a screenshot of their introduction, though I would take some of what they have written with a grain of salt.

On January 9, three more propaganda images were uploaded by a user named LVTH.

“Some of the props I’ve been working on,” LVTH wrote. “Feedback is appreciated.”

Image 3 text:

when the day comes,
we will not ask
whether you swung to the right
or whether you swung to the left;
we will simply swing you
By the neck

Image 4 text:

London’s burning
London’s burning
Fetch the engines
Fetch the engines
Fire fire fire fire

Note the radiation warning symbol on the figure’s head.

Image 5 text:

Soldiers of God never die




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